Tuesday, March 27, 2012

top 5 shoesday

Hello friends. Happy Tuesday.

Y'all don't mind if I get REAL honest, do you? Sister ain't been shopping in...well...a long time. With starting the new job I've tried to be real good about saving my pennies, you know? So there hasn't really been much of a shopping budget. But just because I can't ACTUALLY shop doesn't mean I can't "window shop", right?

And by "window shop" I mean browse websites. Y'all knew that though.

Anywho, for today's Top 5 Shoesday Tuesday I decided to show y'all a few pretty pairs of shoes that I've been "window shopping" lately.

Dang, Target. Why don't you just put out ANOTHER line of cute summer shoes AGAIN this year!?!?! Those blue peep-toed sandals...I coveted them last year and now that they have them in royal blue, these will most definitely be on my first-to-buy list when I get the funds. I love the fabric flip flops from Target as well.


These are 5 cute pairs of shoes, in my opinion. Do you think people still "window shop"? Or is it a lost art?


  1. Your blog has left me impressed. With best wishes

  2. I have a new pair of Sperry Topsiders. My husband actually picked them out! I was just going to get some Keds but he said the Topsiders were cuter :) They are a little pricey but he needed new dress shoes for work so we got my shoes 1/2 price (Rack Room has BOGO everyday).
    Window shopping is probably morphing into online browsing (that's what I do too) but it's still around.

  3. I have those Sperry's in navy - Love them! And those target shoes in aqua and yellow! Do they just come in blue this year? They are awesome!!!

  4. it must be your lucky week or something because Target has those sandals and peep toe shoes buy one get one 50% off....

    1. Lucky for me...bad for my bank account. HA!


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