Thursday, March 29, 2012

summer bucket list

I've been making a mental list of all the things I want to do this first summer living in Wilmington. Between the river and the ocean, this town is almost SURROUNDED by water, so I want to take advantage of that with my summer bucket list. Not to mention the fact that I work ON the beach with a bunch of outdoorsy, watery, natural-y people that might be able to be persuaded to teach this water-phobe how to have fun in the surf.

So, instead of storing a mental bucket list, I decided to make a fun little photo collage that will inspire me to accomplish these goals this summer!

Let's NOT refer to the fact that 3 of the 5 goals have to do with food. I figure, since the other two are physical activities, it's okay, right?


Now, I feel I should explain them a bit.

1) Eat at Britt's Donuts. There is this donut place on the island that's been there for decades and is only open seasonally. Apparently, it's legendary. They only serve donuts and they only serve glazed donuts, but they are so good (allegedly) that is has turned even the most devout Kreme or Dunkin fan to Britt's. And, I pass it on the way to work a few times a week.

2) Make Frozen Elvis Bites. I found this recipe on Pinterest and would change up the original a bit by swapping the peanuts for bacon bits. YUM! These would be perfect for a summer treat.

3) Have a beach picnic. It is now feasible for me to take a picnic to the beach one weekend or even one evening for dinner. I'm just a few minutes from the beach. Maybe someday I'll have a Mister to picnic on the beach with!?!

4 & 5) Go kayaking or paddleboarding. I've never done either and both seem like something I could totally do. I'd love to try both but would settle with either. I've never been one for watersports and swore off of whitewater rafting because of a bad experience and waterskiing because it was too fast. (I know, I'm quite grandmotherly when it comes to speed.) So, because I can set my own pace with this, I'm down like a brown clown wearing an upside down frown.

Now, what about y'all? I'm so interested in hearing about your summer bucket list! Do y'all have one? Leave me a comment or link up a blog post in the comments. I can't wait to hear about it!


  1. Making a summer bucket list is a great idea! I kind of wish I could do all of those things with you!
    Make sure you layer up on the sunscreen!

    1. Jill, you can do ANY of them with me if you come down! Cara is coming next week for spring break. Hooray!

  2. Fun!! I'd love to try paddleboarding :) And I'm totally with you on the fast-paced sports...speed is so not necessary!

    1. Amen, sister! How can you see all the pretty scenery if you're zipping by at 800 mph?!

  3. I've heard paddleboarding is awesome. It's on my summer to-do list as well!

    1. Yay! Okay, if you blog about it before me, let me know so I can read! :)

  4. This summer I will:
    1) Try this "limey-beverage" from Voyage On (one of my fave blogs).
    2) Pick a name for our homeschool.
    3) Officially register our homeschool with the state (has to be done before my son turns 7).
    4) Take a decent picture of that darn red panda!
    5) Try out 2 new dinner recipes per month.

    1. That sounds like a nice and productive make sure you slip some good fun things in there too! Oh, and I LURVE naming things so if you need some suggestions, let me know! ;)

    2. Oh, I have lots of fun stuff planned too. It's just that it's all stuff I've done before so I thought it didn't belong on a bucket list. :)
      Wanna see it? This summer I will:
      1) See a play at CPCC with my kids (it's Rapunzel this year).
      2) Go to all the summer reading programs at the library (skits, magic, and puppet shows, oh my!)
      3) Hang out with my seriously awesome little sis, Emily.
      4) Watch Drop Dead Diva.
      5) Celebrate my birthday (I'm going to be 34, agh!)

      You're welcome to make suggestions for our school name. We're really struggling because it needs to be appropriate for where we are now (elementary age kids) and look good on a diploma. By law, in NC, once you pick a name you cannot change it. I swear, it's harder than naming a baby!


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