Monday, March 19, 2012

pretty underneath

If you're one of my male readers, you may not really care to read this post as it talks about...well...unmentionables. HA. You've been warned!

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Ladies. Can I get on my soapbox for a minute? I don't understand why so many ladies wear FUGLY underwear!?!?! NO ONE should wear ugly, plain or blah underwear, for real. Okay, so maybe you're a larger layday and don't think you could find anything that fits. Or, maybe you're single and wonder what's the point of wearing fancy underwear? Or maybe you only think that granny panties are comfy?

I'll address all of those "reasons" a little later. First let me tell y'all why I'm such a big fan of pretty undies. They do WONDERS for your self-esteem. They make you feel pretty, sassy and fancy no matter WHAT you're wearing on the outside. No lie, wearing purty panties can give you a wonderful outlook on life. Don't believe me? TRY it. I dare you. You'll thank me later. Heh.

Now, let's address the reasons that women don't wear pretty underwear, okay?

1) Let's say you're a curvy lady. Or, maybe you just carry most of your weight in your hips and booty area? You think you can't wear cute undies because they don't come in your size. Think again, sisters.

(for the sake of, well, modesty, I'm not posting pics...just links.)
Cacique Hipsters
Hanes Hi-Cut Briefs
Torrid Cheeky Shorts
Cacique Cotton Stretch

2) All the single ladies! All the single ladies! Put your hands up! Can I be frank? Just because nobody is seeing your undies doesn't mean you shouldn't care. I mean, YOU have to see them and that should be enough...but if it isn't, then trust me when I say that a fancy schmancy pair of panties will greatly improve how happy you are and how you handle stress. Take it from me. Ain't nobody seeing these except for my washing machine... (TMI??) but I still love a cute pair. Here are some of my personal faves...

VS Cotton Bikini
Xhilaration Seamless Cotton Hipster
Gillian O'Malley Modal Bikini
Hanes Fashion Bikini

3) Granny panties (GP) are comfy, I'll give you that. But they are only acceptable for a few reasons...most of them involving recovery from surgery or childbirth. Too graphic? Sorry. HA! Some underwear is just plain uncomfortable...cough...thongs...cough and should only be worn clothing emergencies. HAHA. But you can be cute AND comfortable without resorting to the dreaded GP. Nowadays, lots of manufacturers are making seamless, stretch and no-ride undies that will stay put and keep you, ahem, covered.

Hanes No-Ride-Up Bikinis
Xhilaration Seamless Cotton Blend Bikini
VS Incredible HipHugger
VS Body by Victoria Bare Ultimate

Alright now, y'all have no excuse to not keep it pretty underneath. If you don't normally invest in pretty underpants, buy and pair and just TRY it. If you don't instantly feel better by donning a pair of pink and white, polka dotted undies (or whatever you prefer) then...well...then I'll eat my words. But I'm pretty sure you will. And, hey, even if no one sees'll be your little secret all day.

Now THAT'S a great way to keep a smile on your face all day. ;)


  1. I completely agree! My favorite brand is Hanky Panky, but if I get a card for a free VS pair in the mail, I'll wear those, too!

  2. My cotton bikinis are on your list :) I don't spend much money on fancier stuff because, as my grandmother once said, "That sure will look pretty hanging over the end of the bed!"

  3. I am a bigger girl and Cacique Hipsters are the best!! I buy them when they are 5/$25 and they are worth every penny.. My panties have to match what I am wearing so it helps to have variety too.. And they last forever.. and I mean forever!!


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