Friday, March 16, 2012


Heck yes, it's FRIDAY! I'm headed out to Charlotte for the weekend after work. What are y'all up to this holiday weekend?

I've got a few purty li'l Instagram photos for y'all today for this InstaFriday post! Not sure what InstaFriday is? Well, I link up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged and post the photos I've taken throughout the week on my cell phone using the Instagram app. Want to join in? Here's how...

Now, here's my week in photos...

As usual, we find Hewitt either a) guarding his "babies" that he's herded or b) sleeping. He has such a hard life.

Three times a week I have this view in the morning. Don't be jea...okay, you can be jealous. I would be. This is a beautiful Kure Beach sunrise.

I made this li'l baby over the weekend. 1 old soap dispenser pump and 1 new mason jar + a hammer and a screwdriver= this! It really goes with my southern chic bathroom theme.

I would like to state that I don't particularly like the color red. However, I've been told I look good in it on multiple occasions so I have a red cardigan, coat and necklace. Anywho, my hair is SO long now. I think that I will be doing something to it this weekend. Pics to come later, of course, if it happens.

Well, that's all I've got for now. I hope y'all have a wonderfully fabulous weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. oh hewitt.
    and his adorable herding.
    mylie does the same thing.
    when she is done playing fetch. she has to put her babies right next to her, or keep one under her paw like that! so cute! :)

    and i'm like you with red. not really my fav.
    i realized i only own ONE red top. and it's not flattering.
    so i basically never wear red ;)

    1. HAHAHA, Cuppa. Does Mylie also like to chew off her baby's face or eyes first or is that just a Hewitt quirk? I joke that he doesn't want his babies eyeing him...

  2. I LOVE that sky shot...!!! I'm obsessed with the sky... I love that it's always different, God is so creative! Love the instagrams :)

    1. Yes He is! I love sky shots too. I try to get one everyday and then keep the best ones!

  3. Hewitt is adorable! He looks like a teddy bear!
    Also, I really like your red cardigan. I don't wear that colour very much either, but I feel like I should!

    Dropping by from InstaFriday!

  4. It was so great to see you on stage and hear your voice during Sunday morning worship :) Your skinny jeans and blazer were very Girl With Curves.

    You would be so proud of me - I mixed pastels today! I wore a peach tank under an aqua Henley tee with khaki slacks. I also added a butterfly pendant necklace for a very Spring look. I really like it!

    1. Awww, I'm sad I missed your pretty pastel look, but it sounds CUTE! Thanks, friend! I was channeling the Girl With Curves for sure!


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