Saturday, June 9, 2012

color week: purple

Can I confess something? I've never considered myself to be a huge fan of purple. But when I was surveying my closet I realized that I have 2 purple cardigans, a pair of purple heels, purple ballet flats and a purple button-down shirt. Oh, and my laptop is purple.

Really? I had no idea I had this much purple. I guess I subconsciously like it?

So, I'm convinced that everyone should have a little purple in their life and wardrobe. Here are some suggestions for incorporating purple into your wardrobe.

The best part? Everything on here is under $50.

You're welcome!

purple on a low budge

Incorporating purple can be as easy as donning a coat of plum polish or as bold as rocking the monochromatic look of a purple tee and shorts. The best part is that purple isn't too overwhelming, even when layered with multiple shades of it.

What do you think about wearing purple? Would you try it?

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