Thursday, June 14, 2012

chevron and military men

Hello friends.

I've posted about chevron before on the ol' bloggity blog. However, when I read this post over at the lovely Mrs. Leslie's blog my love for chevron was renewed.

Because I lurve stripes. And chevron is stripes with a bit more of a geometric edge. Plus, it's way more flattering to wear than horizontal stripes any day.

crazy about chevron

Do you know about the origin of the chevron? It's a pattern that looks like an inverted "V" and is repeated. Chevron prints originated on ancient pottery and then took form onto Scandinavian and European tribal flags. More recently, the Chevron look made its way onto modern military insignias.

Army Sergeant E5Army Corporal E4Marine Sergeant E6 Staff SergeantArmy Private E2Marine Private 1st Class E2 

Perhaps that's why I love chevron print so much? I was big into JROTC when I was younger. Heh. THERE'S a li'l tidbit y'all probably didn't know. ;) Though I didn't stay in the enlisted ranks long, (I moved up in the ranks to officer my junior and senior years, cough, cough) I still have a fondness for the chevron ranks. ;)

I also have a fondness for men in uniform...but that has NOTHING to do with my affection for chevron, right? Sigh.

Also, randomly, I was on the phone with a guy from the Army yesterday (at work) and he was just so polite with all his "yes ma'ams" and "no ma'ams". Double sigh.

Aight, so spill...what are you thoughts on chevron print? Do you own anything or would you buy anything with this design? Oh, btw, that red and white dress and the light blue and white skirt in the picture above are from Old Navy. Affordable AND trendy. Yyyyeeeeessss!


  1. I had no clue there was something called Chevron (Besides the gas station), but I love these prints!

  2. Chevron is all over pinterest and I usually like what I see. However, it feels like a passing fashion trend that all of a sudden everyone claims to have loved their whole lives. (I believe your love is genuine, though.) So, I refuse to jump on the chevron bandwagon. I'm betting that in a few years (months? seasons?) chevron will look dated and uncool.

    1. Hmmm, good point. Or, it could become a classic staple much like stripes or polka dot? Interesting.

  3. mmmm. i do love me some chevron.
    i love everything you collected here.

  4. i'm loving chevron - currently searching for the perfect chevron skirt - and potentially chevron patterned shoes? do those even exist? if they do i'll probably buy them in a heartbeat :)

    1. Elisabeth, did you see that the skirt in my collection above is from Old Navy? They have it in multiple colors, I think. Also, you should check out Missoni for chevron-patterned shoes. I don't think the Missoni for Target line is still available but you could probably find on Ebay.


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