Thursday, June 7, 2012

color week: green

It's day 4 of Color Week and today's theme is GREEN.

After realizing that I have favorited quite a few Etsy art prints involving green things, I decided to share them with y'all.

Here are some of my favorite Etsy art prints that involve green.

Green Owl art print - archival fine art

Green Octopus- 8x8 print
Poster Folkloric Green Pear

White Rabbit Art  - Where's Alice Green Wallpaper

Peacock Fine art print Art from watercolor painting 8x10" fine art print 11x14" matted art  turquoise yellow green

Chevron Bird Art - Ren on Mint Green and Pink Chevron - 8x10

Well, tomorrow is BLUE and I'm most excited for that one. I'm going to show y'all snippets of blue in my home and life. ;) Happy Thursday!


  1. Is it any surprise that this is my favorite post of the week!?!?! - amie

  2. Love that pear and the bunny.


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