Thursday, April 16, 2015

Anniversary Trip Recap

To celebrate our first anniversary, M and I went on a short trip to Asheville, NC for a few days.

When we first got to Asheville I surprised M with a recreation of our wedding cake (because we intentionally didn't save the top layer). My cousin made a red velvet cake with the most delicious cream cheese icing I've ever had! It was beautiful and the perfect kick off for the mini-getaway. 

We spent most of the day Tuesday at The Spa at the Grove Park Inn, one of the most historic hotels in America. The Spa has a strict no-cell phone I didn't get any photos from inside the spa...but needless to say it was one of the most amazing, luxurious and relaxing spas I've ever been too!

It's basically built into the side of a mountain and a lot of it is underground (with appropriate skylights for the claustrophobic). Everything is completely surrounded by stone and rock. There are waterfalls everywhere and there are heated pools, cold pools, saunas, steam rooms, massaging waterfall pools and they even play music underwater! All of the pool water has minerals in it to make you float and to improve your skin so you can float in the pools and listen to the calming music for hours if you wanted. M and I got a gift card to the spa for Christmas and if you book a service with them you have access to their facilities all day. M and I spent a lot of time in the therapeutic waterfall pools (jacuzzi pools) and then I spent some time in the contrast pools. You go from 104 degree water to 64 degree water quickly and it's supposed to be good for circulation. I had a 1 hour deep tissue massage booked and M had a massage as well and they were amazing. It was such a relaxing day for both of us.

After our spa day, we tried a Italian place for dinner called Pomodoro. It was AMAZING. M and I both had the Four Cheese Lasagna was amazing. We will definitely be going back to Asheville and back to this place. Also, the weather was kind of crummy so we didn't get to go downtown and do a lot of the other stuff we wanted to we just have to plan a trip back.


  1. Looks like a perfect getaway to celebrate your anniversary weekend!
    We also didn't save our wedding cake--our cake place gave us an anniversary cake, so we've been enjoying that deliciousness this week :)

  2. First of all, your cousin made that cake? It's beautiful and it looks delicious.

    Your spa day and dinner sounds like a perfect day.

    I'm so glad you guys enjoyed!


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