Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Over the Weekend: Memorial Day Recap

I live for long weekends. Normally my weekends are run around like crazy on Saturdays with errands, social engagements or house cleaning and then do nothing once I get home from church on Sunday. However, this extra weekend lent itself to a number of new/different activities. Oh how much potential one extra day has!!

Not pictured: Friday, M rewarded himself with a new 60" smart tv. It was a planned purchase for the new house but the Memorial Day sales were too good so he decided to take advantage of them just a couple of weeks before we move. :)

Not pictured: Saturday, M and I went to Lowe's to use up a Christmas gift card on some awesome new smaller patio chairs. We had some wooden Adirondack chairs that M made but they are so huge on our patio. I'll post pics when we get them settled at the new house.

Not pictured: Saturday, I became engrossed in a Hallmark tv series based on a book I read when I was younger called "When Calls the Heart". They've altered the plot a bit and made it a lot more interesting and built out the character stories of other minor characters. (so the love story part of it isn't at the forefront) Plus, I was introduced to Daniel Lissing. Um...you're welcome. I finished season 1 over the long weekend and look forward to season 2!

Sunday: M and I went to hike/explore a state park about 20 min from our house. It didn't disappoint! While it wasn't quite as rustic or nature-y as I'd like, it did have some great views and a fun little nature trail. And yes, I have makeup on while hiking. BITE ME. I put it on for church and we went hiking after church. So boom.

Sunday: I had my very first QT hot dog ever. It was DELICIOUS! 

Monday: M and I went to his parents' house for Memorial Day lunch. My sister-in-law made me this super cute koozie and we feasted on grilled chicken (and shrimp for the sea dogs), potato salad and corn on the cob. YUM! 

Monday: In typical long weekend fashion, I came home and took a nap while M watched something on his fancy big tv. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to hot breath and this face. Literally...inches from my face. It was getting close to dinner time after all.

Finally, I leave you with an image taken by my mother-in-law of me holding my nephew. He is really cute...and not so slobbery. Me voluntarily holding a baby + my willingness (and even excitement!!) at venturing outdoors = a very confused April, indeed.


  1. You're branching out! Outdoors, children.

  2. Looks like a fabulous weekend! I am obsessing over your cute patriotic koozie!!

  3. Been watching that series on Netflix. I am a sucker for shows like that. Have you seen Cedar Cove? Another Hallmark orginial. It's also on Netflix.


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