Friday, May 8, 2015

I Love My Mama

First off, I am digging that this year's "Mother's Day Song" is upbeat and happy. Sometimes mother songs get sappy and sometimes we want to happy celebrate our moms. #amiright

Take a listen below...

Here are the lyrics. Not only are they funny, they are pretty dang accurate.

When I was hungry, she cooked me something yummy
And when I was sick, she would take care of me
Face me out say gazoo, let me stay on for school
But if I did I couldn't leave the room
'Cause dad was the rule
I could run in a race and come damn last
She say that's my baby, stand up and clap
She taught me respect and I'm thankful for that
And if I ever fell in love make sure that girl love me back

Oho, a couple times when I was bad
Oho, she hauled off and whooped my a**
Oho, but I'm still her biggest fan
Oho, 'cause she made me who I am

This song is dedicated to my mama

Taught me how to put on my pajamas
Always let me have a couple dollars
But told me that my dreams are there to follow

I love my mama, I love my mama
Oho, I love my mama, I love my mama
I love my mama, mama

I'ma hold her hand, I'ma kiss her cheek
'Cause that's my mama, I don't care who says
I can't lie to her face, I can't lie on the phone
She get hit on my voice mail yeah she knows something wrong

She keep the family together, make sure we get along

You'd swear she a bodybuilder, man that lady so strong
And I'm still her baby, even know I'm grown
You can call me mama's boy all you want!
You could call me mama's boy all you want!

This is for all the mamas
Grand-mamas, great grand-mamas
Step-mamas, single mamas, yeah
All the mamas working more than one job
Working real, real hard
Mamas all over the world, you know

To all the mom's out there that taught us how to put on pajamas, how to follow our dreams, disciplined us when we were bad and gave everything you had to us...we salute you! (For the more traditional, sentimental Mother's Day blog post, click here.) Happy Mother's Day, Mom! 

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