Monday, October 15, 2012

how to style colored pants

My sister recently purchased a pair of bright green skinny cords and wore a black shirt with them because she wasn't quite sure how to style them. Well, actually, that's a nice way of putting it. I believe the conversation between she and my mother went like this...

Sister [to Mother]: Do you like my new pants?

Mother: Um, I think you could do better than a black t-shirt. I'm disappointed. 

BAHAHAHAHHA. My mom, she just calls it like she sees it. This conversation resulted in my sister asking
ME for help with styling the pants. ME?? You want ME to help you? 


So, I did what I do best and put together some outfits on Polyvore for her using the exact pants she has. I also used a lot of items that she already has in her wardrobe, so this is pretty tailored to her taste.

My sister has a penchant for flowy, drapey tops, fur vests and desert boots. Sigh. And we came from the same womb. She loves neutrals and earth tones so incorporating a lot of other colors was pretty out of the question. I used a lot of white, gray and tan/camel to accent this bright green.

But I am proud that she chose the green pants. They had black, gray and denim, so for her to choose green is a big step. So, maybe we do share some genetic traits...

how to wear colored pants 2

These outfits aren't so much for my sister as for everyone else. Her style is very unique. Colored pants don't HAVE to be styled with neutrals. Above, 2 of the outfits are primarily styled with neutrals but one is styled with another color. 

I do realize that not everyone is quite as brave with color as I am. Me? I'd style the purple with mustard and maybe some charcoal gray or the purple pants with turquoise and navy.

Do you have colored pants? How do you style them?



  1. totally bought some teal ankle length pants the other day. and i LOVE them.
    but i'm basically only wearing them with a black top ;)
    don't tell your mom. ahhaha.

  2. I have forest green cargo pants that I pair with lots of colors. My favorite pairing is green and purple.

    I also have some bright yellow shorts. I like to pair them with a neutral (to ground the outfit) and another color. My favorite is the yellow shorts with a navy tank that has white, mustard, and coral polka dots on it.

    My friend Caitlin has some teal skinny jeans (that she made herself!) that she tends to pair with prints.


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