Friday, October 26, 2012

confessional friday: fall & halloween edition

My doctor was so kind to give me some excellent medications for my sinus + ear infection on Wednesday. He was so kind in the medicinal dispensation, in fact, that this girl fell asleep on Wednesday night very early. Like, WAY early. Like, so early that I didn't write a blog post for Thursday.

So, that is why there was no post yesterday. But do not fret, friends! Today's post will be stellar. At least, I think it will be.

I've got some great confessions this week and I'm linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition blog for Confessional Friday.

//1. I confess that I've been slightly obsessed with taking lots of fall foliage pictures and posting them on Instagram. I've created a #fallstagram hashtag. Well, perhaps I didn't create it, but I thought of it and used it. So, boom.

-Side note- Does the word "foliage" now make anyone else think of Michael & Jan's "safe word"?

//2. I confess that I'm SO excited to attend my BFF's Halloween party tonight. I spent yesterday evening helping her spookify her house and it is going to be SO fun. Now, if only this work day would just speed up...

//3. I confess that at said pre-Halloween party house spookification, I carved a pumpkin. I named him Juan Pablo. He's a Mexican Jack Ole-tern. Get it? BAHAHA. The name just came to me. I have an obsession with naming things.

//4. I confess that when I wrote "Jack Ole-tern" in my last confession I laughed out loud. Of COURSE no one is around for me to share my funny moment with. Except for Hewitt. But he doesn't get puns. He's rather serious and not very punny. ;)

//5. I confess that I bought a new apron for my Halloween costume. It was super-cute and only $9!! I mean, it's an apron...I'll definitely get more use out of it than just for my costume.

-Side note- I will probably be Instagramming like a fiend this weekend. If you want to join in on my fun, you can follow me on Instagram at aprilanne147. Mmmkay.

//6. I confess that a friend made chocolate chip pumpkin bread and it was DELICIOUS. I tell y'all what, my mind is slowly being changed about eating pumpkin stuff. First, the pumpkin cookies and then pumpkin bread. WHO AM I?

//7. My [self-diagnosed] OCD is still fighting the urge to not leave my confessions at an even number. Even numbers are bad. Odd numbers are good. It's all about balance. So, even though this isn't a real confession, it will still take the place of one and allow me to have 7 confessions this week.

7=the Biblical number of perfection
7=my favorite number

Wow. This has gotten way off topic. I blame the medicine. The end.



  1. #7 cracks me up! I have the opposite OCD. I prefer even numbers. The only odd numbers I can tolerate are those divisible by 5. So, when I adjust the volume on the TV it will be at 14, 15, 16, or 18 but NEVER at 17. Crazy, right?

    1. BAHAHAHA. I usually like things in 3s, 5s or 7s. It's weird, I know.

  2. "First, the pumpkin cookies and then pumpkin bread. WHO AM I?"--you are a blogger, my dear. Apparently you either have to love, or learn to love all things pumpkin.

    1. Syndal, this comment made me laugh out loud. It's SO true. I've never been big on the pumpkin trend before. What's HAPPENING TO ME?!?!

  3. That pumpkin is hilarious!

    I also think of foliage as a safe word now...but I do think those pictures are lovely :)

    Had a great time at the Halloween party!


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