Tuesday, October 16, 2012

celeb crushes I hate to admit

Hello lovely readers. I should probably warn you that today's post is unashamedly, unabashedly, shallow. The end.

There are some celeb crushes that you don't mind saying out loud. These are the fairly common crushes that other people also probably have.

Then, there are some celeb crushes that you're not as likely to admit. Perhaps because they aren't considered heartthrobs. Perhaps they are way older or younger than you. Or, maybe they are just weird. You know, like Johnny Depp weird.

Anywho, here are some of MY celebrity crushes that I hate to admit.

1. Joe Buck. Many "sports people" I know loathe him. However, I love him. Especially when he wears his glasses. I think for me it's the lethal combination of blonde hair + sports knowledge. 

2. Seth MeyersPerhaps this is because he's just a hilarious person? I don't know, exactly. But funny guys definitely do well with the ladies. :)

3. Billy BurkeI'm scared to admit this one. I mean, for a long time I could only think of him as Charlie Swan. Then I started watching Revolution. All of sudden, sweet, older Charlie Swan is now powerful and wise Miles Matheson. Talk about an image change!

4. SlashThis one may not be a huge surprise. I love the rockers. Though Slash isn't a "looker" he's definitely beyond gifted in the talent department. Being ridiculously good in music makes so-so guys irresistible to women...cough...Steven Tyler...cough...Axel Rose...cough cough...Dee Snider.

5. Tony RomoThis one is hard for me to admit because of my innate dislike of the Dallas Cowboys. I grew up in a household that hated them and continue to be a C-boy hater to this day. This man would look SO much better in gold and black, wouldn't he? Still, he's one of the ones I hate to admit is cute.

Do you have any celebrity crushes you hate to admit?



  1. I had a big crush on Michael Cera. Him and Zac Efron were my "Inappropriate" celebrity crushes, because they were both really young at the time. Now it's a little more respectable.

  2. Replies
    1. Taylor!! Ray was such a close tie for the last spot, but I opted to not include. I forgot we shared a mutual love for the Ray.

  3. I LOVE SETH MYERS! I am all about some funny, skinny men!

    Also, remember when you had a crush on Michael Bolton! HA!

    1. Let's not talk about the Michael Bolton phase. HA. That was tragic.

      Also, if you like skinny, funny men, why'd you marry D? Boom. Roasted. You can tell him I said that. BAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

  4. Also, my other embarrassing celeb crushes are John Stewart (old), Adrian Brody (old), and Rob Pattinson (I know, I know).

  5. My husband had a crush on Kristen Bell, back during her Veronica Mars days. He thought it was inappropriate because she was too young (she WAS playing a high school student on that show). Then we found out she's only 2 years younger than me, so he was relieved. :)

    There are definitely some embarrassing celeb crushes in my past, but not currently. Unless you count my crush on Gregory Peck, who's, you know, dead. What can I say, I love classic films!


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