Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Yep, yep, y'all. It's Thursday! Do you mind if I share with y'all a few things I'm loving this week? No? Okay...

Hello happy, sneaky little sloth. I love you! Don't you love him too?

I love the colors in this living room. And the rug. Oh, yes, the rug!

I love desserts in wine glasses. They just make everything fancy and pretty, right? Currently these, these and these sound delish!

Just in case you happen to love Disney as much as I, here are the resumes of unemployed Disney villains. More resumes here.

Hello PB&J 2.0. I just might have to try you.

And I'll definitely be making these this weekend.

Blog Post Faves:

Sarah gives guys a guide to women's clothing. | New blog discovery! I love her style and her cute li'l freckles! | Why I will NEVER go deep sea fishing again. | How my BFF got her wedding dress FOR FREE! | I love how Kaelah mixes coral and turquoise together in this outfit. WAY cute! | I think I'll definitely be participating in Audrey's wardrobe challenge! | This entire outfit is on my "to wear" list VERY soon.

Thursday GIFts:

me in the club

Ah yes. You can't go wrong with judging eyes. Mama June...

In other news, I won't be blogging tomorrow. My dad is having surgery so I'll be at the hospital most of the day and weekend. I'd appreciate your thoughts/prayers if that's your thing. 

Have a wonderful Thursday and a happy weekend!



  1. hahaha LOVE the Gif's, and I adore that rug in the living room photo. I kind of need it! :)

  2. I will send many good thoughts to your dad tomorrow!

    That rug is whimsical and wonderful.

    I love the Disney villain resumes too.

  3. love the Disney resumes. how cute!

    kirsten | the one with the blog


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