Thursday, July 25, 2013

Easy "Watermelon" Cookies

I think that stuff in the shape or theme of a watermelon is cute. 

The actual fruit? No thanks. It's kinda gross...

So, when I came across these cute watermelon "shaped" cookies that don't actually taste or smell like on, melon lovers. I'll see you your watermelon desserts and raise you this delicious sugary cookie goodness. 

Oh...and it's also one of the easiest ever fancy cookie recipes to make. (It's fancy because it requires more than just opening a package and putting it in the oven. Though not much more...) Everything is pre-made or store bought so there is not a whole lot of prep work. The only prep work you're doing is prettyfying the cookies. 

Yes, I said prettyfying. Anyone can serve a frosted sugar cookie. But it takes a special person to serve up some of these...

Watermelon Cookies

1 can Pillsbury hot pink frosting (or vanilla frosting and food coloring to dye it pink)
2 packages of Pillsbury break and bake sugar cookies
Green food coloring
Mini chocolate chips

2 hours (15 min prep time, 15 min bake time, 15 min post bake time, 45 min wine time)

I've seen this recipe done with a sugar cookie log/roll, but this amps up the laziness even more so by using break and bake. I know, I know...I'm awesome. 

Preheat oven as directed on cookie package wrapper.

Take your packages of break and bake sugar cookies and, while in the tray, place one small dot of green food coloring in the center of each cookie. Remove it from the tray and smoosh the cookie together. Roll it into a ball. (this will spread the food coloring for a marble effect) I did not fully incorporate the food coloring this way, but that was intentional. 

Here is where I learned something the hard way...since your dough balls are already warm from the heat of your hand, you should place them farther apart than the recommended 2 inches on the cookie sheet. Otherwise, you'll get a cookie sheet that looks like a green patchwork quilt. :) 

Bake as directed and let cool on a cookie sheet. Now, here's another lesson I learned...

If you frost your cookies BEFORE you slice them, it's much easier this way because you will automatically have the cookie frosted up to the straight edge. Don't frost all the way to the outer edge (leave a green lip around the cookie) to resemble the watermelon rind. Sprinkle mini chocolate chips on the frosting and then slice down the middle (if desired). 

Now enjoy your cookies and spend the rest of the 45 minutes you allotted for baking to enjoy some wine. :)


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