Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Things That Make Me Panic

Here's another edition in the series of blog posts that are probably a little TMI but I post anyway. They started with "Things That Make Me Low-Key Stalkerish" and today's post is "Things That Make Me Panic". Because we all know that sphincter-curling, heart-racing, adrenaline pumping feeling...

1. When I'm driving and I hear sirens
Instant panic...not so much because I'm doing something wrong, but because I'm deathly afraid of being that one car that the ambulance/fire truck is behind and I'm unable to move out of the way because of other traffic.

2. When someone starts drama with me around
You know, because the best place to start a fight is in a staff meeting, no?

3. When someone approaches me for money.
Like when I'm alone at a gas station or restaurant or something.

4. When the same person calls my cell phone multiple times.
I always screen my calls, (that should come as no surprise since I'm 100% an introvert) but when the same person calls me multiple times in a row I instantly panic. Someone is dead. Someone is trapped in their vehicle in a ditch and I'm their last call...

5. Whenever someone starts with "Now, don't freak out but..."
Nope. Just nope. Instantly I can feel my heart start beating in my ears.

6. Networking events
Or anything where I'm forced to mingle and talk with others. Introvert, remember?

7. When Hewitt limps
I realize dogs' legs can fall asleep like humans but there's nothing more panicky than seeing your dog with a limp!

What about you? What are some things that make you instantly panic? I can't be only one with some of these.


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