Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Grammy Fashion Roundup

Ah the Grammys. One of the best awards shows for crazy fashion because it's not as pretentious as the Oscars. People love taking risks at the Grammys and this year was no different. But there were some obvious trends in this year's fashion choices. Let's review...

Pink and Red

Though I love this color combo I hate both of these executions. Swifty is too skinny and it's too revealing for her. The other girl (name?) from Little Big Town has always freaked me out with her Mugatu-esque hair...but the skirt of her dress is the worst. If it went straight down and didn't do that tafetta trumpet thing I'd like it more. BOTH outfits remind me of Bianca's prom outfit in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Black & Long, Black & Cut-Outs or Black & High Slit

And this isn't even all of them! But when paired together you can see how many similarities there are with these outfits. Don't get me wrong, I love a long, slim, black dress. There's nothing more classic than that. And the only ones that really did the classic black dress are Adele (bottom second from left) and Meghan Trainor (top left). Demi's was almost there except for the really low neckline. (far right bottom) Those are the stand-outs. Everything else kind of bored me. But really...there must have been a black dress memo going out...right?

The Weird

All of these, for one reason or another, are just weird. The pink ensembles are all strange and ol' girl with the yellow dress on looks like big bird died to make her dress. Gaga is always weird. She embraces it. I almost didn't include her except I hate her shoes.

Overall I liked Tori Kelly and Kaley Cuoco. They both killed it. Also Ellie Goulding looked great. Did you notice any Grammy trends in fashion this year?


  1. I didn't watch. I love pink and red but agree with you - neither of those.

    Blah to the black. I love color most of the time.

    Poor Florence always looking like that. LOL

  2. I actually felt like Florence was able to pull off that "weird" look. For the Grammys. Time & place appropriate for the artistic to dress weird. I liked Adele's performance dress the best. Too bad the lighting guys didn't highlight it as much as they should.


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