Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Yes, I know there are starving children in the world and yes I know that there are much bigger problems than mine but in my tiny sphere of the world it seems everything has turned against me today. So, all of you that like to trivialize other people's problems, in the words of my froworker Luis, Let Me Live.

The day started out earlier than 4:30 am when Hewitt decides to wake me up whining. After I let him out and come back in and try to fall asleep my lady cramps woke me up at 5 am. Once I finally started to drift off back to sleep, my alarm went off at 5:31 am...the time it normally does in the morning.


Now I feel like poo and am tired. Great. I went to put my facial moisturizer on and I dropped the glass jar and it broke. Great. This day is getting off to a wonderful start.

I'm about to walk out the door when I realize I have a doctor's appointment that morning at 8 am. I leave my house at 6:50 and decide I'll go by work and drop off my stuff then head to the doctor (which is right across the street from work). Three-fourths of the way through my route to work I hear a pop.

Then I hear a rubbing/thumping sound. Rrruubbbb, thump, rrrruuuubbbb thump. I toggle to the tire pressure screen on my dashboard and see one tire at 16psi and the other at 5...4....3...

I've blown a tire! DANG IT! I'm in a part of town I'm not very familiar with and it's 7:15 am. Great. I slowed down and put my hazards on (I was on a fast moving 4 lane road) and I turned off into the first neighborhood I encountered. Luckily for me (note the sarcasm) it was a very busy gated retirement community. So there's a guard in the guardhouse literally watching me. I park, get out and survey the damage. It's bad. My wheel well is actually touching the ground. Eff.

I get back in my car and sit there for a minute. What do I do? I let my roadside assistance expire and I don't have a AAA membership. So...I think about who to call. My dad taught me how to change a tire and I briefly consider changing the tire myself...even though I've never actually done looking it up on Youtube. However, I soon found out with a bit of research that my car has these weird locking lugnuts that you need special equipment to remove. Or something like that. I may or may not have sat in my car and just cried for a second. There's nothing in the world that can describe that utterly hopeless feeling.

So, I called my dad. My husband works in an environment where he can't answer his phone and it's about an hour away from where I was at that time. My dad was far away but told me to call AAA. I ended up purchasing a membership right there on the phone and 30 minutes later, someone came out and changed my tire.

As he put the old tire in my car he said, "you won't be able to patch this one. It's worn completely through" and he showed me a huge gash in the tire. Great. So I drive with my doughnut tire to work. I completely missed my doctor appointment and had to frantically call them and try to reschedule while I was waiting on the AAA guy. I was told to be 15 min early for my 8 am appointment...but they don't open until 8. Y'all figure that one out.

I needed new tires. I knew this. I'd prepared for this and planned to do it in the spring. So when he said I needed to replace the flat one, it just made sense to replace them all. This is why I have savings...but it still stinks to pay for boring things like tires. Also, I opted for a front-end wheel alignment since that's probably what killed my tires in the first place. Yeah, so there's $700 down the drain.

Fast forward a few hours and my coworkers were going to a team lunch. Every place we tried was busy and had a 25 minute wait. The place they suggested to go is this gross Mexican restaurant that I do not enjoy. So I have to wait really long to eat at this nasty restaurant. Hokay.

So let me summarize...

1. Whining dog = lack of sleep
2. Cramps
3. Broken moisturizer
4. Tire blowout, resulting in $700 worth of new tires
5. Bad Mexican restaurant
6. Missed doctor's appointment (and probably a resulting charge for no-show...even though I called)
7. Cramps

And it's only 4pm. Lord, give me strength.


  1. That is a no good very bad day. You need a do over for sure.

  2. Is this also the day you forgot to put on a necklace? That pushes it over the edge.


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