Wednesday, February 3, 2016

An Ode to a Shelter Dog

[Hewitt's "Gotcha Day" anniversary was Monday. It's been 9 years since I adopted him from a local shelter. Below is an ode to him.]

It's been said that all things happen for a reason,
For good and for the benefit of all.
I believe that this happened
nine years ago, when I answered that call

"We've got one that's been hit by a car.
He's recovering...but chances are slim
He's going to need a lot of work
since the owners decided they don't want him"

"He's not very socialized
and he's not 100 percent.
He'll probably have behavioral issues
and will most likely walk with a limp."

"He wasn't cared for well before
and his owners allowed him to roam
Then someone hit him with their car
and left him all alone."

"A broken femur, a fractured pelvis;
head trauma too.
He's almost died three times
But he pulled through."

"He probably won't jump and may not run
and will need to be sedated to be groomed.
But even with all of that
he definitely sure is cute."

As soon as I saw his photos
I knew I had to go
To see this zombie shelter dog
that needed a good home

And on that fateful trip down
we looked around to find
a Petsmart store for food and a crate
because I knew he would be mine

Nine years later, I will say
My life has forever changed
A little kindness goes very far
and what a huge difference love made!

This dog, he jumps, he runs, he hops
He gets around just fine
I'll forever remember that fateful day
This shelter dog became mine.

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