Monday, May 10, 2021

Brands You Probably Forgot About, But Shouldn't Anymore


I'm partially brand loyal.

I'd say maybe 70/30 non-loyal and loyal. 

For most things, the brand isn't relevant or priority. I'll buy what I like or what is on sale. For other things, I'm a total brand snob. Some of my favorite brands are very mainstream (Diet Coke, Kate Spade, Apple, Chaco, Duke's Mayo, Cheerios, etc.) Some of my favorite might not have heard of...or you've at least not heard of them in awhile. 

Time & Tru

This is a house brand from Walmart and it's only been around for a couple of years. Y'all, I am obsessed with so many things from this line including these shift dresses, these sandals and these leggings.


This is a brand I've only been able to find on Zulily, but it's affordable and a great place for basics like cardigans, leggings, tops, tunics and more. See Zenana on Zulily.


I have been singing Cupshe's praises for a few years now and have almost exclusively made my entire swimsuit wardrobe from this brand. The quality is excellent. (I've had many suits for multiple seasons.) The sizing is inclusive (HOORAY!) and the styles offer something for the more modest (like myself) or the more daring. I just bought my 5th Cupshe suit for this season. See Cupshe.

American Eagle

The caveat with this one is you've probably forgotten about American Eagle if you're a man or woman of a certain age. I used to shop at AE when I was a teenager and now as an established woman in her mid-30s it's not typically somewhere I'd look but they are killing it with a few things in general: denim, inclusive sizing and fits, basics and Aerie boyfriend tees. I'm obsessed with the boyfriend tees and actually have 9 of them. :)

Are there any other brands you're loyal to but I might not know about?

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