Monday, April 26, 2021

Things That Make Me Sneeze

In my wildly popular (read: a handful of readers) "Things That Make Me..." series, I realized I never did one for sneezing. Why sneezing? Well, since pollen-mageddon is upon us, it feels...appropriate. 

Also, can we talk about sneezing during the time of COVID? No one wants to sneeze in their mask...but also it feels wrong to pull down the mask to sneeze. So...I end up pulling my mask slightly down and doing the vampire sneeze...aka the dab as Mrs. Betty exhibits below. 

Pollen. Obvs. 

We'll start this one out with the obvious. Pollen makes me sneeze. And if you live in the southeast, you know that it's not just "pollen season". It's hide ya kids and hide ya wife, wear a mask to walk the dog or your poop will be green, pollen season. This is why I want to retire in Canada. 

I also have a theory on why pollen is so bad this year and it's tied to COVID. Hear me out...last year COVID pretty much made the world come to a standstill. And nature benefitted from it. Water, air, soil and other environment pollutions were at an all time low. So, the plants became healthier. And now they are producing more growth...which creates more pollen. Yeah? No?

honey boo boo sneezing GIF


Still. Even after multiple years of allergy shots. But at least I can be in the same room with someone who owns them. 

Will & Grace nbc makeup coke will and grace GIF

HVAC Switching

When the time of the year comes and we switch our heat to AC or vice-versa, it's about a week of sneezing. No matter how clean our filters are, it's just a mess. 

snow white and the seven dwarfs sneezing GIF by Disney

Yard Work

Any kind of outside yard work from spreading mulch to trimming hedges, rattles up my sinuses. I have to wear a mask or keep my tissues handy.

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