Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Things That Make Me Roll My Eyes

One of my favorite and most frequently used emojis (besides crying laughing) is the eye roll emoji. Why? Because life makes me roll my eyes sometimes...

Things That Make Me Roll My Eyes

eating tea eye roll rhoa real housewives of atlanta

When people eat 3 lettuce leaves and 2 strawberries for lunch and then complain 2 hours later when they are starving and raiding the vending machines. Like what?

music music video britney spears laughing awkward

When I see people rinsing off clean dishes and cutlery before using them. What is wrong with you?

tired ryan reynolds ugh sassy eye roll

When someone complains all day because they are hungover and then drinks again the next night. No ma'am!

the office eye roll over it stanley hudson leslie david baker

When some teen in a jacked up car tries to rev his engine at a stoplight. STAHP. You're in a Suzuki...k thanks.

reactions classic annoyed arrested development eye roll

When you brand drop luxury items you own (bags, shoes, suits, cars, etc.) just to get attention.

reactions classic annoyed arrested development eye roll

(Yes I'm using this one again because it's awesome!) When the boss tries to be inclusive and invites people to a meeting just to not offend them...but not because they need to be there. Bye.

When someone comes to my desk to tell me how annoying it is when they are constantly being interrupted at their desk. SO THEY COME TO MINE TO COMPLAIN. No ma'am!

What are some things that make you roll your eyes?


  1. Hangovers are a punishment best suffered in silence. You know what you did! LOL

  2. Coworkers that deliberately walk by and stare at you while they do it. I could name names but I will refrain.

    1. Hahahaha. Like do they think you don't see them? Hahahaha.

  3. Laughing out loud, literally, at that last one because it JUST happened! Ahhh! Just make it stop. lol

  4. The first one had me laughing. I've witnessed that often. I gotta admit I've been guilty of that hangover, then drink again problem. Thank goodness those days are behind me. Live and learn.

  5. HELL YES TO ALL OF THESE. I wrote a post about things I don't understand and this post is making me laugh just as hard, lol! <3

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