Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Care Deeply/Care Little

There are some things in life I care very deeply for. I am passionate about those things. Other things, while important to some, are things I care very little for.

Care Deeply/Care Little

  • Animal welfare/hunting for sport
  • Animal adoption/buying pets from breeders and pet stores
  • Human trafficking/political parties
  • Public schools/private schools
  • Bringing back the arts to public education curriculums/standardized testing
  • Music/math
  • Jesus/any political candidate
  • Being frugal/luxury items (well except for Kate Spade...aka my kryptonite!)
  • Emotional intelligence/extreme insecurity in adults
  • Chocolate/coffee
  • Native American discrimination/the gender equality debate in society
  • Foreign policy/war
  • Someone's actions/someone's past
  • McDonald's double cheeseburger, no pickle, no onions/anything from Burger King
  • Rule abiders/rule breakers
  • Bananas/banana flavor

What about you? Do you have any similarities to my list above?


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  2. Sara I don't know why your comment isn't showing up! I didn't remove it...weird!

  3. Ha this is so fun! And I totally agree with the last one... bananas, great! Banana flavored anything, disgusting!!!

  4. I like bananas too, but definitely don't care for banana flavored things. And give me alllll the Kate Spade too! x


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