Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Wear Pantone's Greenery (Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year)

I'm really digging this year's Pantone color "Greenery". It's calming, yet fresh. I absolutely love the idea of incorporating punches of this green into home decor. I also know that green is a somewhat difficult color to wear. This green has a lot of yellow and a little bit of blue, making it flattering for most...but not all. Even if this color is a little warm for me to wear I can still make it work by pairing it with a cooler color or incorporating it in accessories or a manicure!

how to wear pantone  greenery

how to wear pantone greenery by aprilanne147 featuring pearl jewelry

I really love this green paired with navy. Well, y'all know I pink puffy heart love navy blue but this green really is a great color to pair with navy. Of course you can always wear black but I find this navy helps pick up on some of the faint blue tones in the green hue. 

Wearing a green dress with a cooler toned cardigan over it (near the face) would help someone with a cooler complexion be able to pull off this color. This cool pink cardigan in the example above fits the bill. But you could also pair with a navy cardigan/jacket, a charcoal gray or even a more emerald green completer piece for a tone-on-tone look. Personally I love the pink and green and might even try this with a darker pink one as well! 

You really can't go wrong with boyfriend jeans and leather accessories if you try this hue in a comfy t shirt. Really, jeans go with anything. But I'd stay away from black accessories and stick with brown. Think of it as pairing colors based on how they occur in nature. Brown and green are seen the most often together versus black and green. (Tree trunks and tree leaves) 

If you're nervous about this shade of green you can always experiment with some fun accessories in this year's freshest color! 


  1. i love this color..and I think it's perfect with pink

  2. I love green and pink together, especially this shade of green.

    Love this color in general.


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