Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bridesmaid Dress Hunt

I mentioned a while back that my sister recently got engaged and we're all into full-blown planning mode. When she set a date of 6.17.17 (aka this year) we launched into full-blown plannic mode. (Get it? Planning + Panic = Plannic)

Really, the panicking isn't from me since I'm a planning freak and event planning is my jam. Nevertheless there are always a few to-dos that give me a bit of heartburn. The major one being bridesmaid dress hunting (for the weddings in which I'm a bridesmaid). I've been in quite a few weddings...heck I've even had one of my own...but nothing drives me quite as bonkers as looking for a bridesmaid dress.

So, instead of the normal go to the bridal store and try on various sizes (most of them not the correct size) of various colored dresses, I decided to try my luck at looking online. I found a number of great dress sites with decently priced dresses. My sister's bridesmaid dress requirements are pretty simple: blush pink (any shade/tone) and long. That's it!

Obviously, Amazon was a big help with this. All you have to do is type in "long blush dress" and you get hundreds of options. I also found sites like JJ's House and UW Dress have decently priced options in a variety of sizes and styles.

I am looking at a pale/blush/dusty pink color, halter/v-neck neckline and A-Line silhouette. So, I'm calling on all my blogger contacts...what are some places you've gone to find bridesmaid/prom/special occasion dresses? Websites? Brick and mortar shops? I'm all ears!


  1. I'm not much help, I hate doing that too. Check Modcloth.

  2. I told my bridesmaids the same thing .. except more of the champagne family (a few have blush). Here's my Pinterest board I sent them so they could pick one -- it has options from different places. https://www.pinterest.com/kaliwood02/bridesmaid-dress-options/

  3. My SIL is getting married in April and both my girls and I are in the wedding. We did the online thing too. JJs house for the girls - worked fantastic for the dress that fit my youngest, who has "average" proportions. But for my oldest, who is very slender, it was a terrible ordeal that resulted in us buying a second dress despite what we really felt was their error, then going round and round via email trying to get them to use her actual measurements. My dress is from Azazie. After the drama with the flower girl dress I got a "sized" dress not a "custom" one in case I wanted to return it. So I expected it to need minor alterations, which it does, but I really love it. JJs House is in China...which made communication, poor service claims, and returns practically impossible. So we made sure to find USA for mine.

  4. Eshakti is amazing! You can get the same color in different styles, and customize the sleeves/fit for each bridesmaid.

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