Wednesday, September 7, 2016

It's (Almost) Sweater Weather!

Cardigans and sweaters are kind of my jam. And though I wear cardigans all year, the rest of the world jumps on the sweater bandwagon in the fall. I try to add one or two nice sweaters to my wardrobe each year (cycling out some old or ratty ones). This year, I'm looking to replace my beloved mustard cardigan since it now has 3 holes in it. (Two of which re-opened after having been sewn closed!)

Clockwise from top left:
This mustard yellow cardi is a contender to replace my holey one. And it's Lands End so I definitely know it will last quite a few years!

This mossy fern green cardigan is not a color I've worn a lot of before but I'm really digging it for fall. I would look awesome with mustard yellow, berry, blush, gray or even pale blue!

This marled wrap cardigan just looks extremely cozy. Like you could curl up with this, some leggings and a good book on the couch.

This plum/berry color is really popular this fall and it goes with almost anything! They even have the matching shell if you're into the twinset look.

If you see or hear of any good cardigans on sale, let me know!!

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