Friday, December 16, 2016

In the Quiet of Christmas

Christmas is often synonymous with hustle and bustle, joy, jolliness, mild chaos, consumerism and busy-ness. It's just the nature of what we've made Christmas into.

I do love the hustle and bustle of the holidays...don't get me wrong...but there's nothing I love more than to sit in a dark house, looking at the Christmas tree lights, bundled under a blanket and sipping hot chocolate. This is the quiet of Christmas. A time to reflect, meditate, pray and relax.

In the quiet of this Christmas I'm reflecting on my family. This year we had a major malignant cancer diagnosis in my family and definitely puts things in perspective. Gifts and parties and ugly sweaters aren't held in the same regard as before. Family is much more precious.

In the quiet of this Christmas I'm reflecting on how lucky I am. I have a job that lets me live in comfort. I have good health. I have a loving husband and a well dog. I have food in my pantry and no real threat to my beliefs and my way of life. I am blessed.

In the quiet of this Christmas I'm reflecting on not saying yes to everything but letting others handle some of my burdens. I'm reflecting on giving up control in many things and just letting things happen.

In the quiet of this Christmas I'm meditating on how I can handle my anxiety when things get overwhelming.

In the quiet of this Christmas I'm praying for those less fortunate than I. Those who struggle to make ends meet or face violence and tragedy daily. Those who are hurting emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

This Christmas, I'm celebrating the birth of Jesus and ultimately the impact his mission and ministry has on the world.

What are you reflecting on in the quiet of Christmas?

This is my go-to Christmas reflection playlist. Quiet, instrumental, calm Christmas music.


  1. I'm reflecting on all I have when so many have nothing. It is humbling.

  2. Lovely post, April. I must admit, I've been awfully caught up in that hustle & bustle, that I need to time some time for quiet reflection. I have a friend from college who lost her 8 year old son to cancer this week. That was a punch in the gut. I need to take some time to truly reflect. Thank you for sharing yours.

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