Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Casual Festive Fashion: Some of My Favorite Looks

I love a good festive outfit. Whether it be the addition of a red top or sparkly shoes there are a lot of ways to insert the holidays into your outfit without going over the top. (Yes, that's a read at those who wear Christmas pins, light up earrings or Christmas light necklaces. #sorrynotsorry)

festive fashion

festive fashion by aprilanne147 featuring tall pants

Left Outfit:
I'm a huge fan of red and gray. I think of it as a good take on the original red and black combo. The gray cardigan is offset by the metallic gold shoes and necklace. (Silver and Gold anyone? I'll be here all night!)

Center Outfit:
Dang I'm obsessed with buffalo check plaid right now. I also love faux fur and I'm forever into a cheetah print. So why not combine all together?? The cheetah print (as do many animal prints) functions as a neutral and the faux fur vest as a completer piece really turns a basic outfit into something FAIN-SEE. (as my rural Southern family says)

Right Outfit:
I'm also really in to duster cardigans since they official can turn leggings into pants! This is a perfect outfit for traveling on Christmas day or opening presents (sub the boots for slippers) and you'll look put together but not like you're trying too hard. 


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