Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We Need Suggestions! Warm Weather Vacation Destinations

Our honeymoon in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Calling all travelers!

M and I are starting to look at locations for our vacation next year (2018) and this time we want to opt for a warm weather locale. Our last big trip was in August and we did a cooler weather place (Banff) so this time we're switching it up.

I'm not opposed to the Caribbean or an international place but I'm also okay with something tropicalish in the states. Our requirements are that it's not a super-long flight from our area (Charlotte, NC)...meaning...less than 3 hours...and it's somewhat affordable. We definitely don't need to be in the center of a town full of nightlife as we prefer a more relaxed environment.

So, now, travel friends, where are some warm weather destinations you've enjoyed? Any recommendations?


  1. My next in-state beach trip will probably be to Seaside, FL. It depends on what time of year you're going though, how warm/crowded it will be at warmer locations in the states.

    The next time I go to an island I'll probably pick St. John.

  2. Definitely The Keys in Florida! It's on my list of places I really, really, really want to visit!

  3. Steph mentioned Seaside, FL and I'll second that. I've been and loved it. I've been to Mexico A LOT, and I'd recommend Tulum or Puerto Morales for more laid back spots. Just don't know if those are easy flights from NC.

  4. My in-laws to go Rosemary Beach in Florida and they love it! My favorite vacation spot is Bermuda. It's amazing there!


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