Monday, May 1, 2017

The April Edit: Hits and Misses

It's been a quiet month on the blog...partially because of dealing with some treatment setbacks with my mom and partially because it's been busy with my new job. But I wanted to make sure to blog about April's hits and misses since I had quite a few to cover! Here we go...


Links: Blue floral dress // Keds Chillax slip-ons // Colour Pop pressed powders // Colour Pop Super Shock shadow // Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lip in Jiffy //Rose Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Series 1 (available from many retailers)

First off, I must say that I'm becoming way more of a makeup junkie than I'd ever have thought...partially in thanks to a coworker telling me about Colour Pop. It's an American cosmetics company with budget-friendly prices (think e.l.f.) but incredible selections and formulas. I am now obsessed with their eye shadows both the pressed powders and the super shock (which are cream to powder) formulas. Their lip items are just as great! I've tried the ultra matte lip and the ultra satin liquid lipsticks and I'm a fan. I didn't include the ultra matte lips in the hits collage because I have one issue with them...they dry down WAY darker than they look in the tube. And for a pale chic like me some of the mauve shades I ordered are borderline Goth. However, the ultra satin lip doesn't have quite the color discrepancy and the formula is...well...insert 100 emoji.

I recently purchased an Apple Watch when it was on super sale at Target and I really have enjoyed it. I've never been much of a watch person and I had bad luck with fitness trackers (they all kept breaking or just stopped working) so this is a a nice about a billion other things. But honestly, the most nifty part of it is I can ding my phone from my watch to see where I left it. I'm always leaving it somewhere around the house and even if it's on vibrate I can find it. DUDE WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

These Keds slip-ons are adorable, comfy and nostalgic for me (and many other 80s/90s kids). They are an updated version of the school uniform from my childhood. They are cute and perfect for spring and summer!

I got this dress at Target for my sister's surprise wedding and got so many compliments on it. It's comfortable (though I belted it because it's a bit shapeless) and I love the fun neckline and sleeves. I will say it's a bit low cut so you might have to wear a cami under it for work.


Links: Wild Meadow dress // Colour Pop super shock shadow in Co-Pilot // Floral wrap dress

Okay so I obviously went a little crazy on dresses this month. I purchased the ivory/gray frilly one first for my sister's wedding thinking it fit the occasion more. But I quickly discovered I am just not built to wear that style of dress. Thinking I needed to go back to the silhouette that I know works for me, I purchased the floral wrap dress from Amazon. The dress, had it remotely been the correct size, would have been a dream. However, the sizing was so off, it wouldn't have fit a child. It was like 4 sizes too small even though I ordered a size larger than I normally wear. I'd say it was on par with a women's small. UGH.

The Colour Pop eye shadow is in this list more because of the color than the formula. The formula is AMAZING and it lasts all day. However, this shade, which I thought would be a pale pink, look white on me. Like a frosty white shadow. Not bad and usable but I already have plenty of shimmery white shadows. UGH.

Have you tried anything I listed above? Similar or different experience?

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  1. I cannot do off the shoulder dresses.

    I love the Keds!

  2. I agree with you, that colour pop looks like it should be more pink than white.
    That blue Target dress is a big win! It looked great on you.

  3. I got two shades of the Colour Pop matte lip gloss in my GlossyBox and definitely agree that they dry darker, but I'm happy with my shades, I even layer them:)! I have Speed Dial and Wednesday.


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