Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beach Bag Essentials

By the time you read this...well, let's just pretend you're reading around 11:00 am EDT, M and I are on our way to the beautiful Wilmington, NC for the weekend. One of my friends and a former roommate is getting married and we decided to make a long weekend of it.

Wilmington is such an amazing city. I love the history and the beaches. I even lived there for awhile! M and I plan on spending some of our weekend soaking up the sun (through the filter of an SPF 50 sunblock) while we are there, so I thought I'd post some of my beach bag essentials. Over the next week or so, many of you will be venturing to your local beach, lake, river or the like. Here are some things you should consider bringing with you.

Top Row L-R:
1. A fun beach tote. Stop it with the straw/tan colors. BORING.
2. A beach towel. Duh.
3. A tumbler with a lid (and maybe straws). For those non-alcoholic drinks you're supposed to have on the beach. ;)
4. A coverup. Please do not be the person walking back to your car or domicile in your straight up bathing suit with nothing over it. This isn't a photo shoot.
5. A plastic sandwich baggy. As a former beach resident, I learned this trick fairly quickly. Putting your phone or makeup/chapstick/sunblock in these will prevent them from getting wet AND getting sandy. Sand is the bane of my existence.
Bottom Row L-R:
6. Coppertone Clearly Sheer sunblock. It's my new fave and it's non-greasy. I love the spray kind but if you're venturing in to a boat, get the lotion kind. Most boat owners don't appreciate you greasing up their ride. Or is that just my brother-in-law who bans spray anything on his boat? Hmmmm.
7. A book. Old school or new school...your preference.
8. Lipbalm WITH sunscreen. Believe me, I have made the mistake of wearing a shiny lipgloss that didn't contain sunscreen all day at the pool. BAD IDEA.
9. Hat. Maybe you choose a floppy hat to provide extra sunscreen. Or maybe that's just me.

Not pictured: Bathing Suit, Chair, Umbrella, Burka (just kidding) and Cheezits (a necessity).

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  1. true!these are essentials for summer holidays

  2. Haaa, true the BIL doesn't allow the spray sunblock b/c it damages the boat. I also don't like it now b/c it forms a weird film over my fake tan and makes it look even more weird than my tan usually looks! I also just learned lip gloss actually magnifies the sun and makes you burn faster.....never knew this!!


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