Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blended Families: My New Husband and My Dog

It's no secret around TSF that I'm borderline obsessed with my pooch, Hewitt. I mean, how can you NOT be. Look at that face!

Now, M (my husband) is "not really a small dog kind of guy" (according to him). He likes all dogs, but prefers bigger dogs. (says every man EVER) Side note: What is it with men and not liking small dogs? Do they think it is some sort of mark against their masculinity to love a small dog? I have no idea...and I'm digressing...

When M and I decided to get married, it became clear that Hewitt was going to be a permanent part of his life. Now, Hewitt isn't the easiest dog to love. He's sort of a grumpy old man sheriff. He likes to boss people and other animals around and keep his eye on them at all times...but he doesn't really like to be messed with so much. He prefers to be admired from afar most of the time and he growls all the time. Essentially, he's a special needs dog with some behavioral issues...stemming from his upbringing. (I adopted him as an adult...having full knowledge of what I was getting into.) Anywho, M realized that Hewitt and I come as a package deal so if he wanted me...he had to put up with the dog.

In the few short months we've been married, I would venture to say that M has become quite attached to the little guy. (Who isn't THAT little...he weighs about 16 pounds!) M volunteers to walk him, feed him, play with him (on the rare occasion that he brings over a toy to play) and he's even begun to understand Hewitt's "language". I'll even catch M sneaking an ear scratch or belly rub with Hewitt when he thinks I'm not looking. He carries Hewitt upstairs to his dog bed almost every night...except when Hewitt decides he's capable of climbing the steps. Heck, M has even started "talking" for Hewitt. (Y'all know what I's not THAT uncommon.) And he's probably going to kill me for telling y'all that. But, oh well. It makes my little heart so happy to know that even the toughest/grumpiest of  little dogs can win over a self-proclaimed "big dog man".

This picture is pretty accurate in representing Hewitt and M's relationship. While Hewitt isn't completely 100% comfortable and submissive when he is being picked up, he still allows M to carry him. (even one-handed like an infant!) They both are probably not obsessed with one another, but they love each other enough to get along for me. Because ultimately, it's all about making me happy. HA! Just kidding. Ultimately, it's about making our "blended family" work. And I think it does just fine.

Did anyone else have to deal with blending pets into your marriage?


  1. I love it!

    MFD doesn't mind the pugs, but he does want a bigger dog when we get a bigger yard.

  2. OMG, please don't ever, ever, carry an infant like that!

  3. bahahaha this post is cracking me up..especially the part about Hewitt being a grumpy old man sheriff!

  4. When Joe and I first started dating, he wasn't all about Lexi. I slowly incorporated her into the deal. Joe would set boundaries for her (like she could only stay in the kitchen, and we had this bar area she had to be baby-gated in when we left her alone- called it her "hole"). Lexi humored him but before long she was in the bed. It's funny, he cried harder than me when we had to put her down this March.........

    1. Dogs just grow on men. I'm convinced of it!


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