Friday, December 11, 2015

Easy Gift Ideas for Acquaintances and Coworkers

We've all had to do it at some point...

...purchase a gift for someone we don't really know that well. #amiright? Maybe they are coworkers or maybe they are friends/family of your own family and you don't see them a lot. Or perhaps they are your hair stylist or the sweet old lady crossing guard. You know their name...and maybe a handful of things about them but they aren't close enough to really know that well. Every year, there's at least one of these people on my list.

Luckily for you, I've developed quite a talent at buying gifts for "Those we don't know well" (said in the same tone as "The one we do not speak of" from HP, HA!) Here are some suggestions for some quick and easy gifts that will make someone feel special...even if you don't know their last name. :)

If All You Know is Their Name and Gender

This is a standard for me. Most women love candles and I've even given them as gifts to guys as well. (men love candles too!!) Some of my favorites are from White Barn Candle Company (Bath & Body Works) and Yankee Candle. I know, I know, #basic. But a candle and maybe a pretty tea towel wrapped up make a great gift. 

Holiday-Themed House Items
Christmas is the only time I break away from my strict white-serving-dishes-only rule and bring out my green and red dotted dishes and holly glasses. A cute set of Christmas mugs or a little Christmas serving dish or dish towels would be very cute and festive. Also, every loves and needs liquid soap. I love the liquid hand soaps from Bath and Body Works (plus they have festive holders!) and from Mrs. Meyers.

Lottery Tickets
No idea why this is so popular but people love it! I love packaging up lottery tickets in a Christmas mug with maybe a few packets of hot chocolate or tea.

Gift Cards
These are virtually fail-proof. Some people think gift cards are impersonal, but to me they aren't. I like to wrap up my gift cards in a cute little bag with tissue paper. It's the thought that counts!

Bath Products
These are a go-to for me for female presents. I'll do a basket of lotions, soaps/body wash, body spray, etc. Again, B&BW has great sets and sales where you can buy multiples. I've gone in before during their buy 3 get 3 free and racked up! (I promise I'm not one of their sales people!! They are just really nice for these types of gifts!)

If You Know a Little More About Them

These are great for male and female alike! Even M loves a nice scarf or pair of gloves. For ladies, you could do a pretty necklace or scarf/hat combo. Currently I love those gloves that have the fingertips where you can still use your touch phone.

Any cool techy item like a unique phone charger (as long as you know what kind) or docking station. Even some cool bluetooth speakers would be nice. And you probably can't go wrong with a nice pair of earbuds.

Everyone loves snacks, right? A little basket or package of snacks and sweets are a nice touch. If you know enough about someone you could tailor the food to their tastes. Are they on a health kick? Include things like Kind Bars, Quest Bars, Complete Cookies and some sugar-free gum. Maybe they are chocoholics (like me!) you could do an assortment of chocolate candies or chocolate covered nuts, popcorn or even bacon! And if they are fans of salty snacks try individual bags of popcorn, chex mix, mixed nuts and trail mix.

As long as you know they aren't in AA or recovering, alcohol makes a great gift. Wrap up a bottle of their favorite wine or liquor...or build a 6 pack of craft beers. You could even include a couple bar accessories like a wine bottle opener or shaker.

If you know someone likes coffee, anything coffee-related would probably be a hit. Flavored (powdered) creamer, coffee samplers, gift cards, flavored stir sticks, chocolate-covered espresso beans or maybe some flavored syrups. Go crazy!

Hopefully this list will give you some ideas. I know coworker gifts are maybe this helps? If you have any other gifts that you give to acquaintances and coworkers, please share!

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  1. Candles are my standard too! And hand lotion for women. I always buy multiples of the ones I like.


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