Monday, May 9, 2016

New Orleans Trip Recap

Sometimes traveling for work kind of stinks...sometimes it's okay. Sometimes it rocks.

This time was one of  the latter. I went with 3 close coworkers and a total of 10 from my company to a conference in NOLA and I had SO. MUCH. FUN.

There wasn't as much downtime as say, a vacation might have, but I still was able to squeeze in some fun while there!

Okay, overall impressions of New Orleans was that it was a fun city. Slightly dirty and pretty stinky for some reason, but it was cool nonetheless. I loved the building architecture and wrought iron balconies. They looked so old and majestic!

Another awesome part was the food. I tried beignets (of course) and alligator for the first time. Loved the beignets but the alligator...meh...I'm good with not having it anymore. But at least I tried it! I also had some delicious steaks, po-boys and the absolute best cuban po-boy I've ever had. I also got an idea for something to try at was a roasted head of cauliflower and you cut off pieces and dipped into whipped goat cheese drizzled with olive oil and red pepper flakes. IT WAS AMAZING! I'd never had goat cheese before so, um, I'll be recreating this one at home for sure.

Overall I enjoyed NOLA. I would definitely go back again to see more of the stuff I wasn't able to get to like the riverfront, garden district and swampy stuff. 

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  1. New Orleans STINKS. I would never go in the summer.

    The food was phenomenal all around, everything I had too! I could go back for three more weekends just to get all the food in that I wanted to.


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