Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Last-Minute Trip and Life Things

I promise this will be the last time you hear about Banff until we are actually back from Banff. I won't be around much next week...though I may try to do a photo post later in the week.

The weather is shaping up to be fantastic! I was as little worried that it would rain the entire time...and it's entirely possible that it still might, but this is what they are calling for as of now.

I've discovered that I fall into one of two categories...chronic OVER packer or chronic UNDER packer. Usually when I travel on shorter trips or business trips I tend to way over pack. However, history tells me that for longer vacations or international trips I've got a tendency to under pack. I'm trying to remedy this by making lots of lists but I found myself cutting a few items from my list because they felt redundant.  I'll report on how this trip fared in the packing arena upon my return.

To my knowledge, I've not ever been more stressed out before a vacation than I am now. A combination of work and life stress has made me worry that taking a week-long hiatus from work might not have been the best idea.'s not enough to keep me from going. Why does ALL THE STRESS pile up right before vacation?

You may have seen that I posted about the silicone wedding bands we purchased for our trip and also just for active life in general on Instagram. With both of us doing 9Round now, it made the most sense to invest. M wasn't wearing his ring to workout and sometimes was having to remove it at work when he's using machinery so the silicone options just worked better for times we don't want to ruin our real ones.

The problem is, I'm obsessed with mine. I want to wear them all the time because they are so comfortable. No more scratching things with my diamonds! :) I bought a three-pack off Amazon from Thunderfit and I have teal, pink and black. We are definitely taking ours to Banff (since the majority of our activities will be hiking related) and I may just opt to only wear that and not wear my wedding set at all. Is that bad?

Well, that's about it until next week. Have a great rest of the week and weekend, friends!


  1. I never wear my engagement ring (I think Christmas is the last time I wore it) and have most recently been wearing a $37 diamonique QVC ring as a wedding band when I wear it. I know I'm married. I wear what I want.

    I hope you have a great time and achieve the perfect packing balance!

  2. I agree with Steph. Wear what you want. Your hand. Your marriage.
    I want to go to Banff!

  3. I like the Steph comment about the QVC ring. I believe some medical receptionists wear these; as they could certainly NOT afford otherwise!! I know, I know the boy buys the ring!! I also like the idea of the silicone band. They match!! I love you. Go to Banff and have a wonderful time!��
    You may never have this opportunity ever again! You know who.❤


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