Monday, October 11, 2010

the big give

I recently received a bunch of clothes from a friend who is losing weight and can no longer wear them. I LOVE free clothes. Even if all of them aren't necessarily my style, I can't wait to go through them and see what I can use out of the pile.

This also reminded me of the clothes of mine that I can no longer wear and have given away to another friend who is losing weight. I think about each piece of clothing I gave away and what joy I had when I first bought it and wore it. Hopefully, that feeling gets passed on to the next person as they get to wear the clothing, not for the actual first time, but for their first time. My friend acknowledges often that if it wasn't for other people giving her clothes, she'd have gone broke trying to buy new clothes to keep up with her decreasing size.

I now understand that fully. Just as I'm thinking that I need to get some new jeans that fit, I get a bag full of jeans from a friend. Providence? Maybe.

In order to make room for said clothes, I'll probably have to purge some others from my closet. I'll be giving those away as well. It's the big give.


  1. Ah, it's the circle of clothing. I love it. I'm about ready to have to purge my closet again. The first time I did it, I didn't know anyone big enough to give my clothes too, so they went to Goodwill. This time, I might be able to find some takers!
    I love so many of the things you gave me. The shirts with bold prints (I wore one today), the black long sleeve shirt you just recently gave me (wearing it tomorrow), the brown and teal paisley patterned skirt (wore it yesterday). The pink shirt with polka dots and cap sleeves. Etc. Unfortunately, I do not think we are a kin when it comes to shoes. How do you endure such painful styles?

  2. Ah yes, shoes. Well, they are my piece de resistance...and often the source for back pain. :( But, I can't help it.


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