Friday, October 8, 2010

it's aboot time for these babies

My friend Jill posted yesterday about her Victory Boots, so I thought I would also post in honor of some of my favorite style of shoes.

My new love is these wedge-heeled slouch boots from Target. These are the perfect fall boots. Why?

You, see there is quite an art to boot wearing. First, the boots must fit. I always have a hard time fitting boots around my calves...because they are so muscular and well-defined...and I should pretty much be a calf model...but I digress. These boots have an adjustable buckle at the top as well as a semi-stretchy material that allows for ample calfage. (calf cleavage) They do have a bit of extra room around the ankles but because of the slouch style of the boot, it doesn't look that way. The second important part of boot wearing is what to wear them WITH. These boots are casual enough to be worn with jeans or leggings or jeggings, but also can be dressed up with tights and a skirt/dress. That's some versatility for you. The third important part of boot wearing is how they make your legs look. Some boots cut off at the widest part of the leg and make the leg look larger. These cut off at the narrow part of the knee and give off the appearance of a quasi-straight leg. For those of us with curvy legs, this is the equivalent to wearing trouser-cut jeans or wide leg pants. And finally, with the little bit of wedge that these boots have, they raise the derrier and give the appearance of more defined legs. Oh, yes. It's aboot time these came around.


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