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Thursday, October 14, 2010

oh, the possibilities!

Halloween is quickly approaching and I want to dress up my dog, Hewitt, in a costume this year. I'm going to give a few options and you tell me what you like best.

First, for reference, here is Hewitt.
Now, here are the options...


  1. I like the banana. Is the 2nd one an Ewok costume? If so, that is also cute. I do not like the spider costume at all. What about a hot dog?

  2. YES! The second one is an Ewok costume. Everyone says he looks like I thought I could try??

  3. Just found Snortin's costume; thanks Apes! :)

    Ewok, definitely.


  4. JM, if you make Snortin a spider, he will be...wait for it...Spider Pug!

  5. Are you going to bring him to the Vandergriff party??


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