Friday, November 21, 2014

10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Go Black Friday Shopping

Let me start off saying that I love shopping. But I'm much more of an online shopping fiend than a brick & mortar shopaholic. I consider myself a "black diamond" online shopper. (Did anyone get my skiing reference? I once tried a blue trail while skiing and scared myself so much that I decided to stick to green from then on out.) However, I am quite experienced when it comes to the world of virtual shopping.

However, I absolutely detest the idea of shopping (at an actual mall or store) on Black Friday. Masses of people, small spaces, loud get the picture. My nerves (and nervous stomach) simply can't handle that. The idea of going to an outlet mall on Black Friday actually raises my blood pressure a little.

So while a lot of you will be getting up extra early next Friday to score some great deals, here are 10 things I'd rather be doing than shopping on Black Friday...

(me at the thought of being at a mall next Friday) via

1. Reading
Duh. I've read some really good books lately and I just downloaded a bunch of new ones on my Kindle. I've been keeping track of how many books I've read this calendar year and my total is up to 29 so far. However, I'm entering into "reading season" since it's getting darker earlier and cold outside, so I expect that number to increase exponentially by the end of the year.

2. Baking
I love to bake. I don't get a chance to do it as much as I'd like...but staying in on Black Friday is a great excuse to get a head start on my Christmas baking.

3. Hiking/Nature Walk
I live fairly close to a few state parks and greenways so if the weather is nice, I would enjoy getting out in nature for walk or hike.

4. Decorating
Even though I've already decorated most of the inside of my home, I've not touched the outside yet. I would spend some of Black Friday putting lights and decorations up outside.

5. Cleaning
Yes, I said cleaning. I loathe Black Friday shopping that much. I would even rather be doing my least favorite household chores (bathrooms and kitchens) than go shopping that day. In case you were interested, vacuuming is my favorite chore.

6. Organizing
I love to organize. I think my kitchen pantry will be in dire need of some organization next week.

7. Online shopping
The love of shopping is a part of my biological make up. I've inherited this trait from my mother and my grandmothers...but I also inherited my anxiousness around crowds of people  from my the best of both worlds is online shopping.

8. Binge watching Netflix - watch Christmas movies
Between Netflix and Hulu, I can watch new favorite shows and re-watch old faves (I'm looking at you GCB) all day with little interruptions. Also, since the rest of the world considers this the official start to the Christmas season, I would watch some of my favorite Christmas movies like White Christmas, Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Four Christmases and Home Alone.

9. Wrapping Christmas presents
I already have a few wrapped but hopefully by that time I'll have a few more that need to be wrapped. :)

10. Pet someone's cat
I'm highly allergic to the feline kind. But I would still rather risk allergies and pet one than go Black Friday shopping.


  1. hahaha I like the last one. I'm with you--I HATE crowds (Costco and BJ's and all those other wholesale places give me nightmares), and I hate how greedy people are during Black Friday. It's the season of giving, not getting one over on the next guy!

  2. Same on all! I will be out and about next Friday in small local stores in the middle of nowhere, PA. That I can handle. Typical Black Friday shopping, I cannot.

  3. I agree with this post! I think that while Black Friday does help with getting those Christmas gifts, it takes away from the holiday feeling with your family. Especially ones that came down to visit you from far away. Family comes before shopping for me.


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