Monday, November 17, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

First off...yes, I know it's early. And yes, I know Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet.

I don't care.

This weekend was begging to be used to decorate the house because of frigidly cold temps outside. Thanksgiving is late this year, so by the time I would get around to decorate after Tgiving, there are only 3 weeks until Christmas. But...all of say...I love Christmas. And I chose to decorate my house on November 15, 2014 because...this has been a tough last couple of months in my personal life and I'm ready for my Christmas cheer to overfloweth.

For all the haters, feel free to wait until December 1st or whenever. You do, you boo.

Anywho, I decorated the inside of my place this weekend. Just a couple of Christmas moments and none of it is really over the top. But it makes me so happy to turn the lights on that tree and just look at them.

He loves to pose. :)

Our tree is mostly bright and colorful ornaments with turquoise ribbon and a turquoise bow on top. 

This is my new favorite candle from Bath & Body Works. It literally smells just like Christmas with a hint of a Christmas tree scent. (but not over the top balsam scent like some of those candles...those are little much)

Our little mantle during the day...

And this is it with the Christmas trees lit up. The blue looks very weird and glowy's not QUITE that bright but my camera phone seemed to think it was. :)

One of my new favorite things is to just change out the pillow covers on my throw pillows instead of buying new ones. I don't know why I didn't think of this's cheaper and it takes up less storage room. These are a little wrinkly since they just came from the package I bought them in, but hopefully after sitting for a couple more days they will look a little better. The blue ones are actually just can't tell from this picture.

I used my trifle bowl I got as a wedding gift to bring some color to the dining room table. 

When do you normally decorate for Christmas or do you even decorate at all?

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  1. I love your mantle!! I think I need to go buy some snowmen to put around my house for when we decorate!

  2. Your place looks great, love it!

  3. Looks great! I do it the Sunday after Thanksgiving.


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