Thursday, November 6, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Oh it has been so long since I've done a Things I Love Thursday post. I hope this brings you a little bit of happiness today.


Do you love Top Gear? Apparently, Jesus made an appearance on Top Gear.
This is the absolute best Halloween costume idea ever!
Kind of obsessed with this cardigan. I love the zippers and piping!
Christmas tree in color order. An OCD christmas tree!
It's never too early for Christmas, right? It's a colorful gradient tree!!
Chocolate Buttermilk Cake
I'm gonna need to make this ASAP.

Digby Van Winkle, go follow him on Instagram.

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Happy Thursday!


  1. Ok, I might need that cardigan even though I don't technically NEED that cardigan. You know what I mean. It's only $30!

    I stared at that second pic for a long time. Beauty.

    LOL @ Digby Van Winkle.


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