Monday, September 21, 2015

Emmy Awards Fashion Review [Best and Worst Dressed]

Overall, I'm digging all the gorgeous colors I saw this year. Below are some of my picks for best and worst dressed. :)


Maggie Gyllenhaal in Oscar De La Renta
She looks awesome! I love her cute un-fussy hair and this silhouette. I'm really into her slightly wrinkly, unkempt dress. I think it makes this dress look fresh and not dated.

Lena Headley in Zuhair Murad
This color is GORGEOUS. And if it didn't have that awesome cagey texture I wouldn't love it as much. The texture and the sparkle are what make the dress. Her dark hair really works with this color dress. 

Amy Poehler in Michael Kors
I know, it's a plain black dress, but doesn't Amy look 25 years old? That dark hair and the easy waves with her simple cut-out dress make her look awesome! 

Laura Prepon in Christian Siriano
While I'm not normally a fan of red on the red carpet, this look is an exception. Her pale skin and dark hair make this red dress pop and that gorgeous baroque-ish bolero (say that 3 times fast) literally takes the look from a 7/8 to a 10!

Kerry Washington in Marc Jacobs
I've been rooting for Kerry after a few fashion missteps as of late. This chain-metal/knight-meets-military gown is gorgeous. The color is stunning on her and I love the balance of the hard/metal dress with flowy, wispy hair. Great job! 

Laverne Cox in Calvin Klein
There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple for a change. This color is gorgeous and Laverne looked awesome. I love this silhouette and her flowy, loose hair. 


Alan Cumming in Vivienne Westwood
I normally don't include men because suits are suits are suits. Unless you're wearing a costume, like Alan Westwood. There are fashion risks for men and then there's just plain silly. This is the latter.

Christine Marzano
No ma'am. The pattern just happens to get busier over her "business areas"? No ma'am. That's not fashion, that's trashy. And apparently she's carrying a water bottle for her purse. I'm done.

Heidi Klum in Versace
I love Heidi, but c'mon! This also looks like part of a Tinkerbell costume. And I was REALLY done at the matching yellow platform shoes. 

Renee Bargh
I'm not a fan of the off-the-shoulder look much anyway, but this stark white dress (complete with a fabric choker) and ridiculous shoes made me sad. This girl is trying way too hard. She's too extra

Joanna Newsom in Delpozo
Stahp. She looks like an antique bottle of perfume or something. I can't even see her figure in this dress and the hair? No ma'am. We stopped with that center-part-ear-covering hairstyle in 1879. 

Those are my best and worst dressed. What were some of your picks? Photos courtesy of Eonline.

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  1. I loved the bangles that Amy Poehler chose as well. Something fun and different. I hadn't seen Laura Prepon's look. I love that "baroque-ish bolero"!


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