Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today is the day! It's Friday eve! And this afternoon marks the start of a 5 day vacay! I'm headed to the beach this weekend with my fam. It should be fun! I've never done a "beach  vacation" in the fall. It will still be in the lower 80s and breezy all basically it's like perfect weather. We are going to the Isle of Palms...where we've gone since I was young. It's my family's favorite place!

//1. It's Fall, Y'all!
I posted on Tuesday about All the Fall Things. I must admit I'm really getting into the spirit. Never have I craved the colors of orange and brown in my life this much! The weather is getting cooler and I just can't wait!

//2. Vacation mode.
So far, I've made 3 packing lists. This is different from a traditional beach vacation but it's still a beach know? Also, I'm planning a trip for M and I out west. I've always wanted to go and a blog friend is currently around the Yellowstone area and is posting the most amazing I want to go now. I'm thinking the Grand Teton/Yellowstone/Jackon, WY area. Anyone been there before?

//3. Navy & Black.
This week I've worn navy with black twice...intentionally. I'm breaking the fashion rules, y'all. I grew up old-school Southern fashion. You know, no white after Labor Day or before Easter, etc. Well you always had to be careful pairing neutrals and never navy with black. Too bad! I'm going to make it a "thing". (except not really because it's all over Pinterest...I just only recently got the guts to do it.) Here are some great navy and black pairings on Pinterest here, here and here.

Well, those are my thoughts for today. Join in on the fun below and link your blog post!


  1. Aren't Steph's photos amazing!!??!! I've done a road trip through Texas to New Mexico, Colorado, Utah. I've been to Wyoming before. But, I've never done Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. I kinda missed two big spots, dontcha think?? I've been doing a playlist the last Thursday of every month, but I'll be back, linking up next week. Happy Vacay!

  2. I love black and navy together!


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