Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday Thoughts on Football

I don't know why but I really enjoy sharing GIFs with my readers. (both of you) And since I wanted to talk about one of my most favorite'll do it in GIFs. Mmmkay?

Cheezburger animated GIF

I joined a fantasy football league that had an auction draft. I hate auction drafts. THE WORST. It's exactly how it sounds except it goes by have like 20 seconds to outbid other teams. I would get down to 2 seconds and then someone would take my player right out from under me. I got a few good players but some that I really wanted, I lost at the last minute. Sigh...

Sad Football animated GIF

Football Nfl animated GIF

Speaking of fumbles, this week I over planned. I mean, I rely on having time in the evenings after work at home. Doing nothing. (in reality, I'm cooking dinner, working out, catching up on Hell on Wheels, etc.) so when I have things to do on more than one weeknight it gives me anxiety. The good thing is that at least one is a fun thing. I'm doing that wine-and-paint thing with my S-i-L. Should be fun!! 

Also, who doesn't love a good Mark Sanchez GIF? Here's my absolute favorite of all time...

Yep. He's just eating a hot dog. NBD.

My teams this year are shaping up to be...well, interesting. The Panthers are down a good receiver, but I think it will allow the others to shine through. The Saints are still...rebuilding? But with The Drew, they are always still a good divisional contender. And the Gamecocks are definitely in it to win it this year! We're coming for you tonight UNC! 

To close out this mostly random #gamedayvibes football post, I leave you with some of great mascot GIFS. 

Sports Basketball animated GIFSports Football animated GIF

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  1. Whoa. Hello. I got distracted because at the end of your post today in the "You might also like:" section is "Football Candy" - going there now!


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