Thursday Thoughts

I'm loving everything about this Thursday this week. It's a short work week and it's finally starting to cool down a little bit where I live. (So it's in the 80s and not the 90s.) I look forward to when the daytime temps are in the 50s and favorite time. Here's a round up of some of my thoughts on all things current and random.

I don't love pumpkin really at all. The only time I like it is in these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I make. That's it. No pumpkin pie, no pumpkin bread and most definitely no PSLs. #byepumpkin

Actually, I don't like coffee. 

So, with that, my blogger card has been revoked. But I do love fall and maybe that will qualify me to get it back? 

I've been seeing a lot of fall fashion pins on Pinterest. I would wear about one out of every 7. Some are absolutely atrosh. Like this one, this one and especially this one. But along those lines, I DO want to buy a cute plaid blanket scarf. Any tips? 

Apple talked about all of their new technology yesterday. One big component of their 2 hour presentation was an update to Apple TV that allows you to add new channels, customize your channel offering, purchase additional channels and search for shows/movies amongst ALL channels on your device. 


Except my $50 Roku already does all of that. So for 3x that price you can purchase a new Apple TV and get basically the same thing. Cool. 

So with that...I'll leave you with this...

an actual commercial for dancing with the stars

Link up below, y'all! 

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  1. It's going into Spring in Australia. So, I see all these fall posts, and I'm like "are Americans the only people who use pinterest to talk about seasonal changes?"

    I don't like coffee either. #noncoffeedrinkersunite

  2. Love Roku, hate coffee but love the first two outfits!
    I have this scarf and love it:


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