Monday, August 31, 2015

What's In My Netflix Queue?

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A few years ago, I made the switch from cable to using a Roku to watch streaming television and movies (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, etc. ) and I've never regretted it! We have an antenna to watch live local sports and news, when we need to. We love tv on demand and don't think I could go back to normal cable.

I think you can tell a lot about a person based on their Netflix queue, no? So, I thought this would be a fun topic for a blog post since my tastes are quite random.

What's in my Netflix queue?

NCIS: One of the shows M and I watch together. I've seen these episodes a ton of times and they never get old.

Hell on Wheels: My newest addiction. Seriously, I watched like 8 episodes over the weekend. M will have none of it, but I love it!

Criminal Minds: Another one M and I watch together. Season 10 is now on Netflix.

The Office: Always. My all-time favorite.

House of Cards: M watches this. I tried...but the first episode where the dog gets hit by a car did me in. No thanks.

Star Trek Voyager: Definitely an M show. I would never. Although, Red from OITNB is the Captain in this show. M has her autograph because he liked her in Star Trek Voyager. So weird, huh?

Property Brothers: We love HGTV/home shows and this one is good.

Orange is the New Black: Too bad I finished the latest season in one week. I still go back and rewatch to catch little nuances I might have missed the first time.

Pretty Little Liars: I went through the first season and lost interest. It's still in my queue though. Just in case.

Once Upon a Time: I started rewatching this series with M. He likes it "okay" but other shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS take precedence.

Bad Ink: I love seeing people's horrible tattoos! HA!

Grace and Frankie: SUCH AN AWESOME SHOW! A coworker recommended it and I really enjoyed the whole season. It made me laugh (out loud for real!) and cry and had a great plot line.

Alaska State Troopers: Not really a show I love but I'll watch it if M is.

Daredevil: Watched some of this with M. He's a Marvel comics guys. Me? Not so much. But I tolerated it.

Cousins on Call: Another HGTV/home show that we like. Similar to Property Brothers except they are cousins and they surprise people with renovations when they are away.

That's mine...what are some shows in your queue?

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  1. I should add Grace and Frankie to mine.

    House of Cards, The Killing, Arrested Development, Friends, The Office, to name a few...I like some of Hulu's original programming too.


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