Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Thoughts: On Watching Television With Your Spouse

We have four televisions in our house. One in the main living room, our master bedroom, man cave room and guest bedroom. I usually never watch tv in our bedroom and the guest room is...well...for guests. So we have two televisions that get used and there is a clear definition of tv usage in our house. The man cave tv is for gaming...and dumb boy shows. Usually, we watch an episode of a tv show while we eat dinner and maybe one more, then M retires to the man cave to watch his shows and I remain in the living room to watch mine until bedtime.

Shows M Watches That I Will Not Watch
The Strain
Any kind of anime
Comic stuff (Batman, Spiderman, etc.)
Weird sci-fi mess
Dragon Ball Z
Game of Thrones
Big Bang Theory
Star Trek

Shows I Watch that M Will Not Watch
The Office 
Mob Wives
The Mindy Project
New Girl
Pretty Little Liars
The Hart of Dixie
RuPaul's Drag Race
True Life
Dance Moms

Shows We Both Agree on Watching (sense a theme?)
Criminal Minds
Burn Notice
Property Brothers
Love it or List It
Holmes on Homes
Cousins on Call
House Hunters
Duck Dynasty
The Walking Dead

We're starting to run out of good shows to watch together. Any suggestions are appreciated. We like crime shows (duh!) and HGTV ish shows. With a random zombie show thrown in. I call this approach to television watching separate but equal. We spend time together, then we do our own thing. It's what works for us! 

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  1. I'm the same way with my guy. Your description of "sci-fi mess" made me laugh, because I have no interest in that either. I don't mind an episode of The Simpsons or American Dad or Family Guy or South Park...BUT...I don't need to watch ALL of them in a row every.single.night. Neil can do that if he pleases, and I'll watch Dance Moms, The Voice, and So You Think You Can Dance.

  2. We have 2 televisions - living room and master bedroom. I don't watch much tv on my own (I'd rather read) but I'm at home during the day, so I could watch whatever I want then. In the evenings we watch stuff together or Bert watches his shows while I read. He prefers company, so I stay in the room with him.
    Do you have Netflix? Try Sherlock and Broadchurch - excellent British crime shows.

  3. We are usually separate TV watchers. The only stuff we still watch together is VEEP and a one off thing here or there. I also don't watch TV that much period - I'm usually doing something or if I am sitting down, I'm reading or obsessing over the dogs. LOL

  4. I highly recommend The Good Wife and BBC's Sherlock (with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch).

    1. Yes, we loved Sherlock. I'll have to check out The Good Wife. :)

  5. What does M have against the Office?
    Graceland is a good crime show.


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