Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Our New Home: Home Tour Part 3 - The Kitchen

For today's home tour, I'm going to start by letting y'all in on a little secret: I'm obsessed with kitchens. They are the rooms that make or break it for me when I determine the live-ability of a place. Surprisingly, our kitchen is the most "out-dated" or least decorated room of our house at the moment.

Now, don't get me's still very much move-in ready and functional. It's not a fixer-upper kitchen that needs to be gutted. But it's where the house shows its age the most (almost 10 years old) and where we could do the easiest upgrades and updates.

I love the layout of the eat-in kitchen and I love the HUGE kitchen island with cabinets all the way through. I love the brightness of the kitchen (there are 2 windows and a sliding glass door) and I love that our floor continues in the kitchen.

I don't love the color/stain of the builder grade cabinets. I still am not sold on the blue wall (see below) though it is an improvement from what we started with. I don't love the older range and dishwasher but the ones we have now work. And I loathe the countertops. Actually, those will probably be the first thing we update. They are gray linoleum and have some scorch/burn marks on them. Just not my fave. Here are some pics...

Projects we'd like to tackle:
  • Update countertops. I'm thinking quartz but I'm also into non-traditional materials like recycled glass, cement, etc. We do not want linoelum! 
  • Update cabinets. The cabinets are in good shape and have a good simple design so we may just stain them and replace the hardware. 
  • Update appliances. We've already updated the fridge. Next is the dishwasher and then the range.
  • Replace the sink. I'm dying for an under mount sink. I think we could probably do this while we do the countertops. 
  • Figure out how to "fix" the blue wall. It used to be chalkboard/magnetic paint over the entire wall. The previous owners taped a calendar on the wall before they painted so there's about a .25 inch gap between the non-chalkboard paint areas and the chalkboard painted areas. We've tried sanding and it just didn't work. Our options at this point are to replace the drywall, (cut out the chunk that had the calendar on it) or do something over the entire wall like beadboard. If we replace the chunk of drywall the texture of the drywall won't match up with the texture of the rest of the wall since we primed and painted OVER the magnetic chalkboard paint. I love might be what we do. But at least we don't have the black wall with the calendar anymore. I can live with the blue wall for awhile. 

It's hard to see in this picture, but you can still see the lines in the wall where the calendar was. It's a little easier to see below. 

That wraps up the kitchen tour. you have any suggestions for the blue wall?

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  1. Paintable wallpaper :

    The paper would cover the calendar and give you a clean slate (plus, it's a cool texture) and then you can paint it whatever color you want.

  2. I don't have suggestions on the blue wall! Sorry!

    Changing the counter top and sink will make it look entirely new, even if you don't stain the cabinets and just change the hardware.

  3. Oh my I love this Kitchen. Id do Red.. I think in your table runner I see a dark reddish color.. and I dont know I just love a good red kitchen.


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