Show Us Your Books: What I Read in July

Time for one of my all-time fave monthly link-ups. I love, LOVE seeing other people's book reviews and finding new books to read. This month I read two from the same author, one that my mom let me borrow and a re-read. (Some people hate re-reads but I love them!!)

Something Borrowed - Emily Giffen

Okay, so this is the first in a series about two ladies named Darcy and Rachel. An interesting premise, this book takes the point-of-view of "the other woman" and runs with it. Now, while the friend Darcy is written to be a terrible person, I still find myself feeling guilty for her since she is the one being cheated ON. However, I also empathize with the main character, Rachel who is the cheater. I hate when I don't have a clear allegiance in a book and my feelings fluctuate from liking to dislike. Overall, I liked the ending. Three out of five salted caramels.

Heart of the Matter - Emily Giffen

Though not part of the Darcy & Rachel series (above) two of the characters from that series (Dexter and Rachel) are also in this book as the brother and sister-in-law of one of the main characters, Tessa. This one was also about someone cheating in a relationship but a marriage and both characters, though flawed, are likable in their own way. (Side note: no idea why I happened to try two books that were about cheaters and also part of the same storyline...weird!) The ending of this one was a little less predictable, but also a little boring. Three out of five salted caramels.

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

My mom let me borrow this one and I REALLY liked it. I was skeptical at first because I sometimes grow weary of plodding, depressive plot lines...but this one did not disappoint! There was mystery, intrigue, drama and sadness all wrapped up into one. I found myself absorbed into the main character's bout with alcohol addiction and struggle not let it consume her...though I'm not an alcoholic. I felt like I could identify with her. Odd. 

I loved the ending and there was a surprise twist! Whenever a book manages to surprise me, I'm a fan. :) Oddly enough, this book also dealt with an unfaithful spouse...what IS it with all of these cheater books?!?! Five out of five salted caramels.

Pearl Jinx (re-read) - Sandra Hill

I'm a bit obsessed with all things Amish/Mennonite so this rom-com was right up my alley. It combines archaeology (which I love), romance, the Amish and the Cajuns. It's funny and light-hearted but with an actual believable plot line. An underlying mystery keeps the book interesting but the real interest for me was in the characters and their story lines. I've re-read this book at least 5 times and it remains a favorite. Four out of five salted caramels.

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  1. I've heard so many great things about Girl on the Train. It's been on my "to read" list for a while now but I haven't picked it up yet.

  2. THe Girl On the Train is still on my TBR and I can see where you would get absorbed in a character even though you can't really relate, such a complement to the author!! The Amish comment made me remember a fanfiction I read several years ago, I think I might see if I still have a copy of it. Happy Reading!

  3. I love your rating system! And Something Borrowed sounds interesting. I feel like our society is often so quick to blame "the other woman" and not the person who is doing the actual cheating, so it's nice that someone is taking a look at that person's point of view. Although I'm with you on wanting to have a clear allegiance.

  4. Emily Giffin is standard chick lit fare for me and I read her books when I need something light and fluffy. That said, do not read The One and Only. Awful book. I enjoyed The Girl on the Train despite hating Rachel.

    There are a lot of books with cheater spouse plots. It's an easy plot to develop and so many ways to do it. Some work (like Gone Girl). Some do not.

  5. I really like Emily Giffin. Something Borrowed is the first one I read (about 10 years ago and really loved it-- of course I feel like I'm a Rachel)-- there is a cute chick flick movie they made out of it. There is a sequel to that book, where you learn more about Darcy-- you won't love her, but she does get more humbled. Is The Heart of the Matter where the wife goes to New York from Georgia? I just finished her last novel, which took place in Texas and was about a college Football school. Unfortunately, it's clear Ms. Giffin did not do due diligence in her research about Texas and I found it a little unrealistic and couldn't get into the characters because it just didn't feel at all like people from Texas. My least favorite book she has written.

    I started reading One Lavender Ribbon Last night and it's amazing. I had to force myself to put it down and go to bed. It's got history, romance, and beautiful writing.

  6. I might need to check out Pearl Jinx. Sounds like an easy way to pass an afternoon!

    I'm not a huge Giffin fan. I tried to be! LOL

    I loved The Girl on the Train too.

  7. I've read the first three of those. I read the Giffin books back when they first came out, but they were pretty good.

    I really liked The Girl on the Train also! It's interesting because I don't think I liked any of the characters as people, but I did not see the ending coming until very late in the book which is a pretty strong sign IMO.

  8. The Girl on the Train is one of the next ones on my list. I can't wait!

  9. I liked The Girl on the Train but I think it was so hyped up for me before I read it that it just didn't meet those inflated expectations. I definitely kept wanting to see what happened next but I didn't like the main character at all!

  10. Something Borrowed has been on my list forever. Sorry it was "meh" for ya. I didn't like Girl on the Train as much as everyone else. Guess the main character was crazy but not crazy enough ;).

  11. I loved The Girl on the Train! I've read both those Giffin books, although I don't totally remember Heart of the Matter very well. Assuming that you'll read Something Blue, I think you'll like it because it focuses on Darcy. I loved that while I hated Darcy in Something Borrowed, I was rooting for her in Something Blue.

  12. I loved Girl on the Train too! Something Borrowed was one of my favorite movies, I haven't read the books yet but I have them for when I do!

  13. I think Pearl Jinx sounds like an interesting book, not only for the mystery, but the Amish/Mennonite culture. I'm adding it to my list!

  14. For me, The Girl on the Train was one of those books that lived up to the hype. I thought the severely flawed characters were wonderful.

  15. I think I've read all of Giffen's books. She writes good chick-lit! I really enjoyed The Girl On The Train.

  16. The Girl on the Train has been in my list for awhile. I enjoyed Something Borrowed, but I actually enjoyed the movie better (for once!). Did you see it? Though I enjoyed it, I'm not sure I would read the others in the series; the plot was just a bit too predictable!

  17. I loved that GotT surprised me in the end.
    I also struggle with unclear allegiance to characters or having to change my opinion of a character over halfway through the book. I've made up my mind already, dammit, let me be set in my ways!!! lol.

  18. Something Borrowed has been on my list to read forever, the movie was cute so I should probably finally read it.


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