Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Thoughts [A Link-Up Party!]


And most importantly, it's time for Thursday Thoughts. Here are few thoughts for you...

//1. Lately I've been all over this delicious oatmeal concoction from The Oatmeal Artist. Even though it supposedly looks gross (according to my coworker) it's DELICIOUS. I add half a scoop of Quest chocolate milkshake protein powder and it makes even healthier with 26 grams of protein. Next up I think I'll try these: Fudgy Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal and Strawberries & Cream Overnight Oatmeal.

//2. Speaking of protein. I'm doing the IIFYM or macro calorie counting and I seriously can't ever hit my protein goal. I'm wondering if my goal is too high or if I calculated wrong? It says I'm supposed to eat 210 grams of protein...which seems ridiculous. I hit 110 on Wednesday and felt like that was a good number but then I realized I had 100 more to go!! Does that seem high?

//3.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am 30 years old and I just, in the last couple of weeks, have opened my very first store credit card. Now, I've had a bank credit card since I was 20 but never a store card because I always thought they were dangerous/bad and had high balance rates. The latter is still true, but I now have gotten into the habit of paying my credit card balances off each month. There are some insane extra savings/deals for store card users on top of clearance/sales and since I usually buy things from certain stores at least once every other month, it makes fiscal sense. But only since I pay my balance off each month. Carrying a balance on a store card is dangerous because interest rates are insane! My store of choice: New York and Company of course.

//4. Since purchasing my first home in June, I've been on a mad decorating/DIYing/home stuff binge. Things that normally wouldn't have bothered me before will, all of a sudden, send me into a rage. Some of those things: the entire process of measuring, shopping, purchasing and hanging curtains; painting over a chalkboard wall (eff me); wall art that no longer goes with the room's decor; duvet covers that make the insert bunch at the bottom. SERIOUSLY. Do any of these ever bother any of you? Or is it just me?

//5. Speaking of my weirdness, a coworker and I were recently chatting and it became very apparent that a few of my anxiety triggers or neuroses are centered around this "first come, first served" mentality. A few of the things that are guaranteed to get my nervous colon a'tremblin: buffets, open seating at concerts/shows, boarding on planes, flash sales, etc.

//6. A brief ode to Old Navy's Pixie Pants:
Dear Old Navy Pixie Pants - I love you. You are so comfortable and work appropriate. I love the length of your hem on me (which keeps them from being classified as capris...which I can't wear to work). I love the choices of colors you come in. And most importantly, I love that you can fit around and somewhat contain Judy. (aka Judy the Booty) Please never cease to exist, Old Navy Pixie Pants.

Now it's your turn! Link your post up below and spread the love! :) Remember, it can be about anything because it's your thoughts...on a Thursday! Original explanation post is here.


  1. Duvet covers without the strings to attach the comforter inside and keep it there drive me nuts! Whats the point of having one if it's all going to sag to the bottom??

  2. Pixie pants are my favorite. I have more than 10 pair and I wear them all year long. I'm wearing them today!

  3. Haha, I just purchased two pairs of Pixie Pants and LOVE them! I serious dislike the open seating on Southwest Air. What was wrong with assigned seating?! I liked being able to choose where I would be seated pre-flight!

  4. My OCD does not allow for duvet cover, hah! Decorating is such a process. Every time I think I am done, I start another project.


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